Brüel & Kjær Launches New Tabletop HATS Type 5128-B Head

February 6 2020, 09:10
Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement A/S has released a new HATS for speech and sound testing, allowing accurate high-frequency testing at desks or in small anechoic chambers where space is limited. This is a solution that will interest all serious headphone reviewers and companies dealing with large volumes of headphones to compare, mainly requiring only the head section of the simulator, but still requiring reliable measurements and operational compliance.

Building on the success of High-frequency Head and Torso Simulator Type 5128 – and by popular demand – the new 5128-B tabletop version has been developed to support users looking to test headphones right on their desk or in small anechoic chambers. Tabletop HATS (Type 5128-B) is a torso-less head that is supported on a foot, and includes two ear simulators. Its adjustable neck makes it suitable for testing all types of headphones, and it can be used free standing on a desk, fitted on a tripod or on a turntable using a tripod mounting adapter. 

The head geometry of Type 5128-B complies with ITU-T Rec. P.58, IEC 60318-7 and ANSI S3.36-1985. Existing High-frequency HATS Type 5128 owners can purchase just the tabletop support foot to add new versatility to their HATS investment. The configuration is suitable for measuring the audio response of headphones, compare frequency responses, and identify and correct anomalies in headphone design. The new ear canal design provides the most benefits to designers of in-ear headphones, where the geometric fit is crucial to the evaluation. Sound quality evaluation of hearing aids with correct anatomical positioning is another possibility, as well as measurement of the attenuation and effective sealing of hearing protectors with the correct ear canal geometry and head anatomy.

For more information about the High-frequency HATS Type 5128 and the new tabletop version, click here.

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