Axiim LINK USB Wireless Audio Transmitter for WiSA Ready TVs and Xbox One Now Available

October 28 2019, 00:20
Axiim, a company that specializes in wireless home audio/video products, announced that its highly anticipated Axiim LINK USB transmitter for WiSA Ready products is now available. The Axiim Link USB wireless audio transmitter is the essential component connecting 2019 LG OLED and NanoCell WiSA Ready TVs as well as the Xbox One gaming console to WiSA certified speakers. LINK is WiSA multi-channel wireless USB audio transmitter and is available now for $229 USD.

The Axiim Link USB wireless audio transmitter plugs into the LG TV with a micro-USB cable and is automatically detected bringing up the simple and intuitive onscreen speaker setup menu. The WiSA certified transmitter provides an uncompressed low-latency wireless audio connection that takes only minutes to set up. LINK works together seamlessly with all WiSA certified wireless loudspeakers from Axiim or from established audio providers such as Klipsch, Bang & Olufsen, Enclave Audio, Harman and many more.

“Our WiSA Ready enabled OLED and NanoCell TVs allow consumers to enjoy the advantage of truly immersive wireless sound without an overly complicated setup,” explains Tim Alessi, senior director, product marketing at LG Electronics. “LG’s fully featured Intelligent TVs combined with the Axiim LINK transmitter allows users to take full advantage of their audio experience by providing a simple, easy to use USB device that supports many of the advanced audio features found in today’s highly complex home theater solutions.”

The LINK mobile app for iOS and Android enables users to fine tune their audio experience with advanced features like: per speaker level control, LFE crossover points, EQ, and more. LINK supports audio mixing and bass management to ensure every detail encoded in the audio stream from the LG TV is not missed when configured as a 2.0, 5.1 or anywhere in between. The design of the LINK eliminates speaker wires with the WiSA compliant wireless audio connection and supports up to 7.1 (8 channels) of uncompressed 24-bit/96kHz audio. LINK supports up to 5.1 channels of immersive audio when connected to LG TVs to create a true-to-life cinematic and authentic music experience as intended by content creators.

“LG continues to lead the industry with groundbreaking technology and an award winning user experience,” says James Hammer, CEO of Axiim. “The integration of our technologies delivers an unprecedented wireless surround sound experience that complements the exceptional visual experience of LG’s flagship TVs.”

The WiSA certified LINK transmitter also works with Xbox One, Windows 10 PCs, and MAC, supporting up to 7.1 configurations. It allows consumers to pair speakers in minutes by simply plugging the LINK in to the source and following the easy onscreen speaker setup to configure up to 7.1 discrete channels in minutes. This can be done using the LINK mobile app. 

The LINK USB wireless transmitter is a small sleek device that is easy to place virtually anywhere to optimize convenience and performance. It’s integrated Digital Signal Processor (DSP) provides audio mixing and enhanced bass management, while the LINK mobile app sends the latest enhancements and features with over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates for LINK transmitter and associated WiSA speakers. LINK is available now on for $229 USD.

Axiim is focused on creating WiSA certified products and deliver cutting edge technology for the consumer home entertainment markets. All Axiim products leverage the WiSA technology to ensure interoperability between brands
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