Avid Unveils Pro Tools 2018 and Multiple Music and Audio Product Innovations at NAMM 2018

January 30 2018, 04:00
At NAMM 2018, Avid announced Avid ArtistCentral, Pro Tools 2018, Sibelius 2018, Waves Audio integration, an expanded Avid Artist Community, and more. Highlight for the Avid user community was, no doubt, the announcement of the latest release of Pro Tools 2018 with new features including Track Presets, retrospective MIDI record, MIDI editing enhancements, Playlist Comping enhancements, and much more. A new version of EUCON software was also announced.

Avid had a very strong momentum at NAMM 2018, with the company executives feeling upbeat with the conclusion of the company's transition to a fully cloud-enable technology platform, now finally allowing developers to focus on enhancing and updating the core company's products, like Pro Tools. Powered by MediaCentral, no doubt the industry’s most open and efficient platform designed for media, the new generation of Avid's tools and creative ecosystem now enable its users to create, collaborate and gain the broadest exposure for their content. And even though the vast majority of its music and audio products still need to discover the full potential of the new MediaCentral platform, there's no doubt that Avid has built a very strong foundation for future growth.

“Avid is innovating for music and sound faster than ever before — at the speed of our customers’ inspiration in the studio and live venues — with new capabilities across our platform, workflow solutions, and creative tools,” said Louis Hernandez, Jr., Chairman and CEO at Avid. “Avid’s latest product introductions demonstrate the power of our unique creative ecosystem, which empowers anyone participating in the music business to connect, collaborate, create and be heard around the world.”

At NAMM 2018 Avid unveiled the new Avid ArtistCentral application that brings the benefits of the Avid ecosystem to individual artists, making it easy and efficient to connect with other artists and access the tools they need to expand their creative potential. The Avid ArtistCentral app makes it simple for users to find, connect and chat with Avid Artist Community members and invite them to collaborate on a project and provide feedback on their work.

The new Waves SoundGrid High Density (WSG-HD) Option Card and Avid VENUE software update for its Avid VENUE S6L live sound system deliver unmatched hardware and software integration with Waves SoundGrid systems. The S6L surface provides seamless Avid Pro Tools integration and on-board industry-standard AAX plug-ins, and audio engineers can now mix with the same Waves sound processors used on the artist’s studio recordings to re-create their signature studio sound in live settings. This collaboration between Avid and Waves Audio provides live sound engineers with extensive tactile and software control of plug-in parameters, a vastly simplified setup, system redundancy, and much greater creative flexibility.

The new version of EUCON software now allows users to explore Pro Tools Control – Avid’s free iOS iPad app – in conjunction with the Pro Tools S6 control surface to remotely control Pro Tools and other digital audio workstations (DAWs) giving them the flexibility to be anywhere in the studio during a mixing session. This EUCON software release also enables users to operate S6 Soft Keys to control multiple DAWs simultaneously, accelerating mixing workflows for film and TV post production.

The update enables capturing automated dialog replacement (ADR) and Foley performances, and gives users the flexibility to position themselves anywhere in the studio while tracking or mixing a music or audio post session.It also includes performance enhancements and stability improvements for all Avid EUCON-enabled control surfaces, including Pro Tools S3, Pro Tools Dock and Artist Mix. As an open software protocol, EUCON facilitates tight integration between Avid control surfaces and Pro Tools, as well as a range of third party EUCON-enabled DAWs. 
The updated EUCON will be available in February 2018 as a free update. (www.avid.com/products/pro-tools-s6/features)

New Pro Tools 2018
The latest release of Pro Tools 2018 boosts the creative experience and accelerates workflows for greater collaboration with new features including Track Presets, retrospective MIDI record, MIDI editing enhancements, Playlist Comping enhancements, and much more. The new retrospective MIDI record feature ensures that users will never lose a performance, while shortcuts to quickly transpose, trim notes and edit velocities make music creation quicker and easier.

Part of Avid’s comprehensive ecosystem of creative tools and powered by MediaCentral, the release of Pro Tools 2018 was developed in direct response to customer feedback and building on recent releases of Pro Tools music creation. New features include:
- Track Presets enabling quick preset browsing to build sessions on the fly.
- New playlist comping workflows to save valuable screen real estate, and provide the ability to edit grouped tracks with ease and work quickly from Waveform view.
- The ability to easily convert sessions to cloud-enabled product files for faster collaboration.
- Mix Window EQ Graphs to intuitively display the combined EQ effects inserted on a track.

Pro Tools 2018 is available now.
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