Avid Announces Pro Tools 12.3 With Multiple Workflow Enhancements

November 9 2015, 03:00

Avid announced a new software update for Pro Tools, available to customers with Avid All Access plans. Enhancements to the industry-standard digital audio software facilitate creativity and improve efficiency, delivering greater value to customers through Avid All Access plans. The latest enhancements also continue to deliver on Avid Everywhere - Avid’s online collaboration and services platform - by giving audio and music professionals greater creative freedom and faster, more efficient workflows.

According to Avid, Pro Tools 12.3 delivers on its ongoing commitment to “provide more value to Pro Tools customers with an update focused around improved editing, fades and effects rendering workflows. These improvements enable audio professionals to work more efficiently and easily prepare projects for mixing or collaborating with others.”

The new Pro Tools update now includes the Track Commit function which is an efficient, flexible solution for quickly creating flattened/rendered tracks to reduce CPU overhead on complex sessions and facilitates collaboration between users who don’t have the same collection of plug-ins, or for archiving mixes while keeping automation virtual. Version 12.3 also introduces Clip Transparency, enabling users to see the waveform while moving clips, editing, or adding fades, making it easier to align peaks and edits.

Another new feature is Improved Fades, allowing users more flexibility and control in managing batch fade operations for large edits with choices for fade in, out and crossfade types. The improvement automates repetitive tasks and also provides quickly recallable presets from keyboard shortcuts and Eucon Commands.

The new version also updates VCA Masters, extended metering, and Disk Cache and allows users to get access to all Avid Pro Series plug-ins, plus Eleven, with Pro Tools | HD, as well as getting access to the Space convolution reverb and 16 classic stompbox effects plug-ins, including realistic emulations of the Pro Co Rat, Ibanez Tube Screamer, Big Muff Pi, Cry Baby wah and Leslie rotary speaker.

Avid is also expanding support for its recently introduced free Pro Tools Control App for iPad, allowing tight hardware/software integration and high-speed communication power using its EUCON technology with the multi-touch advancements of iOS. When combined with Pro Tools S3 or Artist Mix control surfaces, the new iPad app allows access to transport functions, faders, encoders, mute and solo buttons, input monitoring, and panning. 

The Pro Tools Control App for iPad allows wireless access to record tracks, managing multiple faders and provides graphical displays, track info, and meters—including 5.1, peak, RMS, and clip metering, directly from any position in the studio or any working environment. The iPad app also automatically updates its controls to any supported application active in the session running on the computer and allows to view and recall channel layouts for the existing control surfaces, directly from the app.

The new Pro Tools 12.3 update is free of charge to Pro Tools 12 customers with current Avid All Access upgrade plans. New Pro Tools 12 perpetual licenses include a renewable one-year All Access plan that gives access to the latest upgrades as well as a new bundle of creative plug-ins for the whole year. All Access plans also come with subscription licenses and are available for the term of the subscription.

Existing users with older versions of Pro Tools can purchase an All Access annual upgrade plan starting at $99 each between now and December 31, 2015. Plus, through the end of the year, purchases of perpetual licenses, All Access $199 Annual Upgrade and Support Plans, and Annual Subscription licenses come with the acclaimed Eleven guitar plug-in included (Education products and Pro Tools | HD upgrades/subscriptions not included). 

Starting in January 2016, prices of All Access plans for customers with Pro Tools 11 or earlier versions will start at $299.

The Annual Upgrade Plan for Pro Tools | HD systems costs $599 for the first year and includes upgrades, access to the HD plug-in bundle and standard support for one year. All new Pro Tools | HDX and HD Native systems come bundled with this plan, which can be renewed for $399 each year thereafter. Starting in 2016, plans that lapse can be reinstated for $999.
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