Audionamix Releases TRAX Pro 3 SP Speech-Specific Separation Software at Musikmesse 2017

April 7 2017, 03:10
During Musikmesse 2017, Audionamix, officially released the world's first speech-specific, stand alone separation software, TRAX Pro 3 SP. TRAX Pro 3 SP allows audio engineers to isolate speech from background elements in mono or stereo recordings, separate speech from any kind of noise, improve speech intelligibility in archival recordings, clean up dialogue in film post-production without the need for ADR, and much more. 

For several years, the Audionamix R&D team in Paris, France, has been continuously developing technology that can separate both musical instruments and melodic voices from typical mono or stereo music recordings. This ADX technology has proven to be an invaluable component when solving complex audio problems. Meanwhile, the Audionamix production team in Los Angeles has consistently utilized ADX Technology and provided their technical expertise for a multitude of creative purposes for some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

ADX Technology, at the heart of ADX TRAX software, allows users to create new musical arrangements, unlock television and motion picture assets for expanded digital distribution and for monetization of archived content. The new TRAX Pro 3 SP features Automatic Speech Targeting, with Automatic Consonants Detection and new Automatic Extraction options, including a speech-optimized pitchogram, full-frequency Spectral Toolkit and Pan-Specific Spectral Editor. Further tools include Denoise and a Tonal / Noise filter.

With the release of TRAX Pro 3 SP as a speech-specific, stand alone separation software, Audionamix expands its range of TRAX Pro solutions, with the most comprehensive speech and melodic content separation tool available. Audionamix also offers a lite version at a lower price point, TRAX 3 SP, which includes all features of TRAX Pro 3 SP with the exception of the additional spectral editing capabilities. 

TRAX 3 SP (lite version) – Buy $599 or Subscribe $39.99/mo
TRAX Pro 3 SP – Buy $999 or Subscribe $66.99/mo
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