audioXpress September 2014—Speaker Focus Edition—Is Now Online

August 11 2014, 18:05
A special audioXpress issue is now available online and in print. Our September issue is (almost) all dedicated to speakers! 

This month, we bring you the first part of a new article series dedicated to the speaker brands from the northern regions of Europe. In Nordic Audio Tales, Mike Klasco revisits the fascinating histories from some of the region’s speaker manufacturers, starting with Scandinavian Electro Acoustic Systems (SEAS). Subsequent articles will contain information on Peerless (now Tymphany), Scan-Speak, and many more. As Mike Klasco explains, “Many speaker drivers now manufactured in Asia were first conceived on the backs of napkins in various snow-covered brick buildings in northern Europe. In this article series, we will examine some Nordic speaker companies, their history, and the individuals who founded them.”

Concluding our three-part Speaker Market Trends series dedicated to Cinema Sound, we highlight some successful commercial theater speaker companies, which are currently competing for a share of the expanding global theater market. In this Theater Sound overview, we highlight the key design features and technologies from different brands, their responses to the digital upgrades, and immersive audio installations. The following brands are featured in this market overview: JBL Harman, QSC Audio, Meyer Sound, Alcons Audio, SLS Audio, Klipsch, Christie—Vive Audio, Krix Loudspeakers, Craaft Audio—NOVA, Procella Audio, FOCUX Technology, and KCS.

And because we all love speakers… 
Our usual “Speakers” column from Mike Klasco and Steve Tatarunis explores electrets, which are potentially the more practical side of the electrostatic transducer family, especially with recent developments in nano-electret technology and its headphone and speaker applications.

Richard Honeycutt’s Sound Control column looks at Proprietary Speaker-Aiming software solutions. After addressing the main acoustical modeling software solutions in the market, this month we focus on two free software programs that can provide placement guidance and preset equalization in DSPs—the Danley Design Tool (DDT) and the Yamaha Sound System Simulator (YS3).

In our monthly interview with industry personalities, pioneers, and visionaries, Shannon Becker speaks with Manuel Podszus, managing director of the legendary speaker company ZELLATON GmbH. The grandson of the company’s founder, Dr. Emil Podszus, Manuel Podszus explains how he currently leads the company’s research and development efforts, refining its unique technologies.

Continuing our Speaker Focus with the best in DIY audio and audio electronics, we have two very interesting “You Can DIY!” articles. First is Bruce Heran’s COBIE (Cheap Open-Baffle Speakers) project. As Bruce explains, “I buy speakers. I don’t make them. But then I was inspired by another DIYer to venture into new territory.” In this article, we learn how to build a nice sounding set of speakers for less than $150.
Also a DIY project, G.R. Koonce shares with us how to use dowels to stiffen speaker enclosures, which enables you to avoid the “ballooning” effect that destroys bass impact when the enclosure walls move out as the woofer moves in and vice versa.

Finally, Bob Cordell explains how to get extended low-frequency response and higher SPL using his Equalized Quasi-Sealed System (EQSS) approach. Bob Cordell says, “A big challenge in loudspeaker system design is in achieving extended low-frequency performance without large drivers and cabinets. The Equalized Quasi-Sealed System (EQSS) is a patented method for achieving improved bass response in a loudspeaker. It combines the best features of a sealed system and a vented system.”

And for a bit of balance in this month’s audioXpress, our Hollow-State Electronics column discusses tube-type microphone preamplifiers. In this article, Richard Honeycutt provides some background on the first disc recordings and how the 1940s-style mixers have evolved into the advanced hollow-state microphone preamplifiers currently available.

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