Audio Advice Offers Home Theater Designer Online Configuration Tool

August 28 2020, 00:35
Audio Advice, a specialty audio/video retailer and consumer electronics e-commerce site that offers both design and installation services, has developed a free interactive 3D design tool that models an acoustically correct home theater system including speakers, TV or projector, and seating, for an optimal listening and viewing experience in the home. Built using complex algorithms, the patent-pending tool enables users to set their room dimensions and then answer key questions to create a full three-dimensional rendering of their room in real-time.

"The Audio Advice Home Theater Designer guides users through the often challenging experience of designing their entertainment space for both acoustics and watching, whether that is a traditional home theater or living room, family media room or man cave, and at a fraction of the time and cost of the traditional planning experience," the company states. The browser-based tool enables users to set their room dimensions and then answers questions regarding number of seats, television versus projector system, desired screen size, number of speakers, and more. As the user inputs answers, the system runs the complex math in the background to render the room in real-time.

If the user modifies their system during the process, the program adjusts to give guidance as to whether the changes can work for that space. The tool also leverages Audio Advice's proprietary Immersion Level calculation algorithm, which helps consumers determine which screen size is appropriate for their room to maximize immersive viewing. Users can then opt to see the system from the viewpoint of their seating to visualize the experience to simulate real life. When the user is done and has saved their project, they receive a full specifications report with exact speaker locations, screen size, dimensions, and more.
"This Home Theater Designer tool is one of the biggest breakthroughs to happen for home theater enthusiasts, streaming TV binge watchers, entertainment and gaming fans, and just ordinary families who can’t quite figure out how to get that home movie theater sound quality," says Tommy Jacobs, Klipsch Vice President of Sales. "Audio Advice is known for its audio and home theater expertise and they jam packed that expertise into this extraordinary tool."

Audio Advice is launching Home Theater Designer in conjunction with an entire suite of home theater design and education tools including an extensive set of home theater buyer guides, an inspiration gallery, videos of home theater installs, and more.
"People need resources when it comes to designing their entertainment set ups. The popularity of DIY home design software gives everyday people the power to take on projects on their own. The magic of this tool is that if you feel good with your report, you can take on your install; if you need additional help, our service team can guide you through deeper solutions; or if you want to hand it off for full installation, we can do that too," says Audio Advice CEO Scott Newnam. "It’s a great way to connect with consumers, but it is also a tool other firms and manufacturers can use with their customers, or interior designers can use with homeowners. We created this for the greater good of saving time and providing help. That is why, after over a year of designing and building the tool, we decided to make it free," added Newnam. "In a year that is falling short on gifts, this is our gift to anyone who wants to explore a better at-home entertainment experience."
Audio Advice is a 42-year-old specialty audio/video retailer with two world-class showrooms in Raleigh and Charlotte North Carolina, and with, a fast-growing consumer electronics e-commerce site.
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