Audeze Announces New Easy-to-Drive LCD-4z Headphones

May 10 2018, 02:50
Audeze grabbed the opportunity of an expanding attendance in Munich for the annual High End show, this year reinforced with the first concurrent edition of the CanJam Europe 2018 partner event, to announce the release of the new LCD-4z headphones. This is an improved version of the popular LCD-4 open model, featuring a new look and greater efficiency - 15 ohms, 98 dB/1mW sensitivity - being basically easier to drive.

As Audeze anticipates, “The design and sound of the LCD-4z is sure to thrill!” Engineered with a new magnesium housing to produce a lightweight, visually appealing headphone, the LCD-4z also maintains the sound signature of LCD-4. Audeze started from  the award-winning design of their top-of-the-line LCD-4 and engineered it with a special 15 ohm voice-coil making it significantly easier to drive than the original LCD-4. This model does not replace the original 200 ohm LCD-4, but offers a perfect solution for users seeking more headroom.

But Audeze fans will notice also the improved look - something which is visible in all recently released products from the Californian brand, clearly stepping-up their industrial design. The LCD-4z features a dark sleek aesthetic with gold accents. The magnesium rings of the LCD-4z are designed to be strong, lightweight, and non-resonant for a very clean output.

Otherwise, the focus will be really the improvements on the planar magnetic driver with a near weightless nano-scale diaphragm. The LCD-4z features Audeze’s most advanced diaphragm design - their exclusive nano-scale film actually weighs less than the air it displaces! Benefits include faster response for better transient/impulse response, imaging, and “the flattest, deepest, most accurate bass response of any headphone available,” as Audeze claims.

And the LCD-4z nearly doubles the magnetic force, with Double Fluxor Magnet Arrays that bring the magnetic flux to 1.5 Tesla driving the diaphragm for improved transient response and far greater resolution. This, combined with the patented Fazor Element waveguide reduces diffraction of soundwaves resulting in improved treble response, transparency and more precise imaging. All this results in headphones with very low distortion, as it was the case already with the LCD-4 - usually 1/10th the distortion of conventional headphones.

The LCD-4z over-ear, open-back headphone is thoroughly engineered and will be meticulously hand-built in California, using the finest materials combined with cutting-edge planar magnetic technology. All headphones use closely match transducers to within +/- 1 dB.

Audeze offers a 30-day trial on all its direct headphone sales, and the LCD-4z is priced at $3,995.00, including the 1/4” to dual 4-pin mini-XLR Premium LCD Headphone Cable with 1/4” (6.3mm) stereo phone plug and professional travel case.
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