ASUS New ROG Delta S Headphones Are First with MQA Renderer Technology

September 2 2020, 00:20
Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) technology has been adopted by ASUS for its latest ROG (Republic of Gamers) Delta S headphones. The headset, was designed to offer superior audio quality for gaming enthusiasts, being equipped with a Hi-Res ESS Quad-DAC and large, high-quality drivers, allowing gamers to enjoy music streamed in high resolution. That is, for those that don't mind listening to music while their headphones glow constantly due to the circular RGB lighting effect! But at least the ROG Delta S are a comfortable USB-C design for PCs, consoles and mobile gaming.

"ASUS continually enhances every aspect of the gaming experience across its ranges of high-performance gaming PCs, monitors, keyboards, mice and headsets, and its products have won numerous awards and accolades. The new ROG Delta S headset is set to emulate this success with an even wider audience, being just as accomplished at delivering studio quality music, as it is at revealing every detail of game play," explains the announcement, without really detailing where its users will get the MQA-encoded content from - and we assume they will not be streaming Norah Jones from Tidal...

"ASUS is a company driven by innovation, whose ROG line is committed to pushing the limits of the gaming experience. Gaming continues to set the bar for consumer entertainment, demonstrating what is possible and driving up quality expectations across all entertainment categories. The best collaborations come when partners share similar aspirations," says Mike Jbara, MQA CEO, also without revealing much more.

ASUS just adds some details, explaining that the ROG Delta S gaming headset delivers "unmatched realism with impeccably clear, detailed audio to give gamers the ultimate experience." And we know the headphones feature the industry-leading ESS 9281 QUAD DAC converter, and are the first with MQA Renderer technology. Inside the ROG Delta S, users will find the exclusive ASUS Essence drivers with a wide frequency response for high resolution digital audio sources and to generate the strong bass needed to optimize gaming sound, without interfering too much on mid and higher frequencies. 

An MQA renderer directly on headphones is definitely a first. MQA rendering means that the complete MQA-encoded file will unfold to its master quality. An MQA Renderer will include ‘stream lock’ but is not able to decode an MQA stream or authenticate it - but that doesn't matter much when we are listening directly on headphones.

In order to generate an improved immersive acoustic experience, which is essential when playing games, the drivers inside each D-shaped earcup are tilted by 12 degrees, closely matching the natural angle of human ears. This sloped design not only provides better comfort, but also helps improve sound quality by enabling the audio signal to travel directly into the ear canal, the company explains. And the ROG Delta S headphones even allow a choice of earpads, providing two types of fit and feel for users to choose from. Combining protein leather and fabric mesh, the earpds are thicker, more breathable and provide a contoured fit, perfect for long gaming sessions. The protein leather cushions are comparatively thinner and softer, making them good for on-the-go use.

Now, we will just have to wait for the confirmation of what MQA material will be available targeting the gaming market, and also when the ROG Delta S headphones will be available. audioXpress will update this post when we learn more.
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