Apple's New Mac Pro Goes On Sale December 19th

December 18 2013, 13:01

Finally, it’s here! Studios, prepare your upgrades during the holidays… With six Thunderbolt 2 ports and four USB 3 ports the new Mac Pro will connect to any of the best-in-class audio I/O devices in the market. And with a PCI expansion chassis connected via Thunderbolt, its possible to work with the existing DSP and audio I/O PCI Express cards. The new Mac Pro delivers up to 12 processing cores (up to 24 virtual cores) and up to 60GB/s memory bandwidth – twice the bandwidth of the previous-generation model. Now we can work with even more tracks of virtual instruments, plug-ins, and effects than previously possible. And the ultrafast PCIe-based flash storage loads all those instruments, samples, and loops almost instantly…

And it’s the quietest computer ever designed. Perfect for audio!

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