Antelope Audio Announces Availability of EDGE Strip Discrete Preamp and Modeling Mic Bundle

March 2 2018, 02:00
Having turned heads and opened ears during a must-see showcase at the 2018 NAMM Show in Anaheim, high-end professional audio equipment manufacturer Antelope Audio now announced availability of the EDGE Strip bundle — comprising the EDGE modeling microphone and specifically-designed DISCRETE MP Discrete Dual Ultra-Linear Microphone Preamp. When paired, the solution offers a locker-full of vintage mics and rack-full of outboard gear for high-quality studio recordings with vintage analogue sound.

Antelope Audio’s talented team of engineering experts, led by capable company CEO Igor Levin, designed DISCRETE MP to perfectly match the frequency response of the already-available, trailblazing EDGE, a large-diaphragm modeling microphone featuring dual edge-terminated capsules, able to reproduce the expressiveness and character of costly classic microphones — albeit without excessive expense. 

The EDGE Strip-bundled DISCRETE MP dual-input microphone preamplifier places the same transistor schematic from the state-of-the-art DISCRETE Thunderbolt and USB Interfaces with 8 or 4 Discrete Mic Preamps, released late 2017. The EDGE Strip bundle comes complete with the free native-format Fusion AFX Pack plug-ins, including several microphone and preamp emulations alongside the BA 1073 EQ (inspired by the Seventies-vintage channel module with a specific analogue punch putting in an appearance on many notable recordings) and STAY-LEVIN compressor (personally designed by Igor Levin at Antelope Audio to capture the spirit of its historic hardware namesake that shaped the special sound of a slew of Sixties Stateside classics).

The solution includes must-have microphone emulations like the BERLIN 47 FT, with the sound of one of the most popular microphones in the history of audio recording; the BERLIN 67, emulating an iconic tube condenser microphone with multiple — cardioid, omni, and figure eight — polar patterns; the BERLIN 87, the go-to microphone when it comes to recording brass sections, guitars, overheads, piano, percussion, strings, and vocals; and the TOKYO 800T, a vintage tube mic with a super-low noise floor and extreme sensitivity that is a top choice for many masters of vocal recording. On the preamp front, the system allows circuit emulations with the ANTELOPE V76, GIRAFFE G9, and BAE 1073 MP.

Antelope Audio has always prided itself in coming up with technologies that unite the digital and analogue audio worlds. While both DISCRETE MP and EDGE are all-analogue devices, making them fully compatible with any audio interface and A/D converter central to any studio setup anywhere, DISCRETE MP allows users to explore the full potential of EDGE in both Antelope Audio- centered setups or other audio systems. Thanks also to its 1kHz hardware calibration OSC (oscillator), DISCRETE MP easily adapts to any studio setup.
Click the picture to watch Antelope Audio’s cutting-edge EDGE modelling microphone demonstration video.

The unique discrete design of the DISCRETE MP preamp allows Antelope Audio to modify each individual aspect of the circuit, putting total control over coloration, clarity, and character in the hands of discerning users. Ultimately, DISCRETE MP powerfully punches well above its (950g) weight while packing a lot into its diminutive (190mm W x 46.5mm H x 157mm D) dimensions, as evidenced by its impressive technical specifications: two inputs on Mic-XLR and Line 1/4” jack, offering 20dBu max balanced @ 2kΩ (XLR only) and 29dBu max balanced @ 13K to ground (TRS only); two TRS outputs (22dBu max); USB control I/O (USB 2.0 Full-Speed Type B for remote control only); and a mic preamp pushing out an accomplished gain range of 0dB to 61dB (in 1dB steps) alongside 48V phantom power.

The EDGE Strip bundle, combining Antelope Audio’s all-new, all-analogue DISCRETE MP Discrete Dual Ultra-Linear Microphone Preamp and already-available EDGE modeling microphone, is now available with an MSRP of €1,295.00 EUR. Note that the free native-format Fusion AFX Pack plug-ins are all iLok protected; users can create a free account for the iLok Licensing System and purchase the third-generation iLok Smart Key from here.
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