Antelope Audio Introduces Zen Studio+ the Ultimate Portable Recording Interface

March 3 2017, 03:00
In a moment of technology transition it's not easy to decide on long term investments for studio equipment. Recognizing the challenges, manufacturers are trying to combine multiple interface options such as AoIP and Thunderbolt, combined with popular common interfaces such as USB. Antelope Audio decided to make its already impressive Zen Studio portable interface even more appealing and introduced the Zen Studio+ with enhanced FPGA effects.

Antelope Audio is a leading company in Field Programmable Gate Array-based vintage FX modeling. The latest innovation in its groundbreaking Zen Studio family of recording interfaces, the Zen Studio+ was recently announced and reinforces precisely on the power of the FPGA platform. To start with, it incorporates the same key features that made Zen Studio a force to be reckoned with — including 12 studio quality built-in microphone preamps and extensive I/O. Now Zen Studio+ adds Thunderbolt connectivity and a powerful range of hardware-based FPGA effects.

“When Antelope released the original Zen Studio, the company redefined what was possible with a portable interface in terms of both audio quality and I/O count,” says Igor Levin, C.E.O. of Antelope Audio. “Zen Studio+ takes things into a new realm by adding Thunderbolt and incorporating Antelope's amazing FPGA hardware effects modeling. These things make Zen Studio+ the ultimate next-generation tool for recording anywhere the sound carries you."

Zen Studio+ is the ultimate portable workstation for those who need access to all the tools of the studio on the go. The hardware includes valuable features like a pair each of dedicated re-amp outputs, headphone outputs, and mastering quality monitor outputs. With its 12 preamps, including hi-Z and line inputs, and an additional eight inputs and outputs on DB25, the unit is further extensible via ADAT or S/PDIF. Therefore Zen Studio+ is well equipped for multi-mic recording setups anywhere at any time, allowing set up of extra room mics to capture pristine sounds in just about any environment.

A deeply customizable routing matrix helps establish exactly the right signal flow for any recording task and makes incorporating outboard hardware and FPGA FX rudimentary. A built in talkback capability enables full control room capability at home or in the studio.

Zen Studio+ also packs tone shaping capabilities by bundling a treasure trove of vintage outboard gear into its travel-friendly chassis, thanks to Antelope Audio’s cutting edge FPGA technology. These hardware-based effects allow near-zero latency processing of audio using detailed emulations of classic EQs, compressors, guitar amplifiers and more: all without taxing system resources on the computer used with it. Besides, Antelope Audio continues to expand its hardware downloads, and now boasts a library of over 30 unique effects — each carefully modeled from the most coveted pieces of studio gear in recording history.

Antelope Audio’s industry-defining 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking means better analog to digital conversion and authentic sonic imaging, ensuring that every detail of the signal chain is captured with integrity. It also allows pristine digital to analog conversion between any DAW and speakers or headphones, enabling users to hear greater detail and make better mix decisions. Word Clock input and output enable Zen Studio+ to seamlessly integrate with the rest of the studio gear, and an Atomic input is available for upgrading to Antelope’s state-of-the-art 10MX atomic clocks.

Zen Studio+ is controlled via a powerful desktop app for OS X or Windows, allowing access to a fully customizable signal routing matrix and up to four independent mixes for monitoring, as well as full control of Zen’s real-time FPGA effects. Front panel controllable talkback is built in to Zen Studio+ hardware, but gains added flexibility via Antelope Audio’s handy iOS and Android app, which gives users the the option to talk back via their phone’s microphone.
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