AKM Develops New 32-bit D/A Converter with Headphone Amplifier and DSD Support

May 14 2018, 01:00
Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) has developed a 32-bit stereo D/A converter with headphone amplifier, the AK4377, enabling playback of DSD sound sources in smartphones or portable music players. The new advanced stereo D/A converter uses AKM's Velvet Sound architecture, delivering improved audio performance with a THD+N of -109dB, and offers support for DSD inputs up to DSD256.

The direct stream digital (DSD) sound source format continues to gain broader acceptance as the market for high-resolution music resources expands for music distribution services. AKM has recently developed the AK4377, a 32-bit stereo digital to analog converter (DAC) with a built-in headphone amplifier that can play DSD sound sources on smart phones and portable music players.

The AK4377 is positioned above the AK4376A, which went on sale in 2017 and already had an impressive portable audio track record, offering improved signal-to-noise ratios (SNR), and total harmonic distortion + noise (THD+N). Now, the new AK4377, in addition to a maximum digital PCM input of 768 kHz, also offers support for DSD inputs up to DSD256. This produces faithful reproductions of the original sounds, which require the large amounts of data that are characteristic of high-resolution sound sources.

Leveraging the Velvet Sound architecture, which is a component of AKM's premium DACs designed for high-end audio equipment, the AK4377 achieves greater refinement in sound reproduction. As AKM reveals, the AK4377 DAC achieves the highest industry standards, with a THD+N of -109 dB and an SNR of 128 dB. Of particular importance is the THD+N value, which presents flat characteristics at or below -105 dB for the full audible range. This offers greater fidelity for original sound reproductions.

Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) is a Japan-based company that designs and manufactures CMOS mixed signal integrated circuits and magnetic sensors for applications including audio, multimedia, consumer electronics, industrial infrastructure, and telecommunications. AKM Semiconductor, Inc., located in San Jose, California, is a wholly owned subsidiary of AKM, and offers sales, marketing, and design support for North American customers.
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