Thonet & Vander Kugel and Koloss Bluetooth Speakers Debut in US

August 25 2015, 03:10
Thonet & Vander, the innovative German consumer audio company, is adding their flagship high-end Kugel and Koloss active Bluetooth speakers to their product selection now available to U.S. consumers. These affordable speakers make a clever use of digital processing to optimize playback.

The Thonet & Vander speakers deliver good quality Hi-Fi audio, combining HDAA (High Density Acoustic Absorber) wood cabinets with carefully selected drivers and Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities. The German company targets a new generation of users who have grown listening to computer desktop speakers and also use mobile devices as their sound source but are looking for a streamlined hi-fi solution with nice clean aesthetics and the convenience of an integrated wireless solution.

Both models feature active crossover and two amplifiers working in each frequency range, as opposed to one. This results in greater precision in the division of treble and bass, improving the quality and sound of the entire system. To avoid distortion, both speakers include DSP and ALC technologies. The tuned digital processing optimizes playback of sound and removes noise and distortion. At the same time, ALC (Auto Level Control) maintains a low level of distortion even when set to maximum volume. This is achieved through a circuit that adjusts the amplifier when the input level exceeds a predetermined limit.

The Kugel Bluetooth speaker has a robust power output of 70W per speaker, allowing high volumes and a room-filling sound, also featuring Rage Bass, a development of the Thonet & Vander team, which extends low frequencies to deliver a deep and powerful sound. At the same time, Glow FX, another T&V’s technological development, provides smooth treble sounds with extreme definition and sharpness. A notch above the Kugel, the Koloss is the top model in the Thonet & Vander line, also featuring Rage Bass and Glow FX with a more widespread response, with an output of 80W per speaker and two 6.5 inch woofers.

Like other Thonet & Vander speakers, the Kugel and Koloss have an antimagnetic shield to eliminate external interferences. Kugel and Koloss use 1 inch silk tweeters, known for being light and responsive, with versatile aramid fiber woofers, which are light and extremely rigid, with an upper suspension ring made of highly elastic rubber, allowing larger displacement sensitivity and resistance. Both speakers feature a rear bass reflex, with purposeful placement to increase the bass response through the build of the speaker.

The speakers each have volume, treble and bass control on the side. Besides featuring Bluetooth 4.0, both systems include an RCA stereo input and optical SPDIF input, allowing to connect computers, tablets, smartphones, Blu-Ray players, smart TVs and even an Apple TV.

Both models ship with a dedicated wireless remote control. This allows to turn speakers on, select the playback source, raise and lower the volume, adjust bass and treble, use the mute function and reset the selected EQ setup. Kugel, has an MSRP of $369.99, with a special introductory price of $299.99 on and Koloss will be available at and for $399.99 by the end of September 2015.
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