Fluance Most Affordable Ai40 Powered Bookshelf Speakers with Bluetooth

July 4 2018, 02:00
We first reported on Fluance's venture into wireless speakers with the uniquely designed (and also affordable, at just $499.99 USD) Fi70 Bluetooth Speaker, using a 3-way and six driver design with integrated amplifier in a floor-standing cabinet.  Later, Fluance proposed more conventional Bluetooth bookshelf and tabletop speakers, now complemented with the Ai40 Powered Bookshelf, the most affordable from the Canadian brand, selling for just $199.99 USD.

Established in 1999, Fluance is a manufacturer of home audio and home theater products, targeting both USA and Canada from its home base in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Like many other brands these days, Fluance encourages its customers to buy direct at a lower price point, while its expanded product catalogue targets precisely consumers which are looking for affordable but decent-quality and original designs.

Its latest Ai40 Powered 5” Bookshelf Speakers, are a new solution from Fluance that offers music lovers the right balance between price, design and convenience. The 2.0 active two-way speakers feature an integrated 70W Class D amplifier (2x 35 watts), enabling them to deliver room-filling stereo sound. Designed with superior performing components, the Ai40 speakers include silk soft-dome ferrofluid cooled tweeters that produce natural highs, while the woven glass fiber drivers with butyl rubber surrounds round out the performance with detailed mids and deep bass. 

Most importantly, the simple but elegant speakers feature beautifully-crafted, MDF-engineered wood cabinets that not only look stunning, but are also meticulously designed and acoustically tuned to deliver precise, warm, and distortion-free sound. As the company says, "a testament to the performance that can be achieved," - at the lowest possible price, we would add.

The Ai40 eliminates the complex setup of mapping inputs and channels on an audio receiver; these plug-and-play speakers easily connect through RCA or Bluetooth aptX, allowing for effortless connection to any audio system. Users can upgrade their TV’s built-in speakers with the Ai40 to get a big picture big sound experience. Additionally, they can pair them with a turntable (which Fluance also sells) to experience the warmth of vinyl or add high performance audio to a computer set-up to amplify the soundtrack of music, movies and video games.

The Fluance Ai40 is available now in black, lucky bamboo or walnut for $199.99 at www.fluance.com
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