Synchro Arts Improves Music And Post Vocal Production With Revoice Pro 3

November 14 2014, 06:00
Synchro Arts have announced availability of Revoice Pro 3, a major upgrade to the application already used worldwide by top audio professionals for fast timing and pitch alignment of vocals, instruments and ADR. Now Revoice Pro 3 improves the sound quality and offers powerful new tools and workflow enhancements for users of all popular DAWs including Logic Pro X, Cubase, Nuendo and Pro Tools.

Revoice Pro 3 arrives with a host of improvements and major new features, including the simplest and fastest toolset for manually adjusting audio timing and pitch, What’s more, users report that Revoice Pro 3 provides the most natural and transparent-sounding processing available.

At the heart of Revoice Pro is Synchro Arts’ unique Automatic Performance Transfer (APT) processing, able to give the timing, pitch, vibrato and level features of one signal to another one, and the realistic Doubler function,     able to modify timing of output and with longer and negative time delay up +/- 200 ms.

In addition, integration with most DAWs is now faster and easier than ever, using the simple Revoice Pro Link plug-ins or familiar drag-and-drop or copy-and-paste operations. The new AU Monitor plug-in allows to play Revoice Pro’s output through AU stereo insert and tracks DAW’s playback in same way as Revoice Pro’s RTAS and VST3 monitor plug-ins.
Revoice Pro 3 features Manual Pitch and Time Warping of audio for intuitive, manipulation of time and pitch at the highest quality, together with pitch correction functions with selection modes over any range and automatic snap to pitch grid options.
The new Time-variable Pitch transfer parameters allow to graphically vary pitch tightness, offset and transfer strength to control the APT function’s processing.

Revoice Pro 3 also makes it easy to create and change stacked tight vocals by changing a Guide signal’s timing or pitch, and all related output tracks follow the changes automatically. The user interface was much improved and is now easier to understand and use.

Revoice Pro 3 applications include tightening the timing, pitch and vibrato of “stacked” lead and backing vocals or instrumental tracks; creating one or more realistic double tracks from a single input track;    lip-syncing dialogue (ADR) and vocals by the same or different performers, even when there are noisy guide tracks; and changing the inflection in dialog (ADR, voice-overs etc.) with the desired Guide pattern provided by recording the director or dialog editor. Revoice Pro accomplishes these tasks automatically, saving hours of editing. 

As Tony Maserati – Grammy Winning Producer for Lady Gaga, among many other top artists - states: “Revoice Pro saves me and my team hours of work when it comes to vocal pitch and timing correction with doubled vocals and backgrounds. It is amazing how fast the workflow is. Thank you Synchro Arts!”

New users wishing to purchase Revoice Pro 3 can benefit from a 30% introductory discount for a limited period. A 14-day free trial license (iLok-based) for Revoice Pro is also available, along with online manuals, demos and tutorial videos.
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