Stealth Introduces Customisable On-Wall Speakers and Innovative Outdoor Solutions at ISE 2015

February 20 2015, 05:00
Based in Mount Vernon, WA, Stealth Acoustics products are renowned for being aesthetically sensitive yet high-performance audio-visual solutions for the custom installation sector. These include invisible speakers, outdoor speakers and amplifiers.

Stealth Acoustics evolved its invisible speaker range with the introduction of its on-wall Image III range, unveiled to the European custom installation sector at the 2015 Integrated Systems Europe show in Amsterdam. Designed to blend with any home interior décor, the Image III is a range of fully customisable, super-thin, high quality speakers that can be finished in a wide array of options to match any chosen design scheme.

Stealth has taken its award-winning invisible speaker technology and fitted them into a 2.5” on-wall speaker package to complement flat-screen TV displays and ensure that on-wall speakers remain as discrete as possible in media room projects. With its completely flat-front, radiating surface, the Image III becomes a platform for artistic creation. Supplied in neutral Satin White, it can be finished with paint or wallpaper to ensure the speakers are a perfect match for the home’s interior. Alternatively, Stealth’s Image Wrap technology can be used to print a selected image or piece of artwork and create a professional, factory-laminated, studio-wrap over the speaker. 

The Stealth Image III speakers offer smooth high-frequency response, solid bass extension and excellent imaging. The surface mount loudspeaker is a two-way, full-range unit, producing frequencies from 40Hz to 20kHz, and a sound dispersion of 170 degrees in both horizontal and vertical planes. The loudspeaker system has a sensitivity of 80 dB, 1 watt / 1 meter, with a capacity of 200 watts RMS according to Electronic Industries Association (EIA) standard RS-426-A. The Image III has been created with a totally sealed frame, with no grills or any other openings that could allow air to penetrate the device.

The Trilogy option allows the Image III to be integrated with Stealth’s CoverArt retractable covering solution for screens to create a totally concealed audio visual set-up, when not in use. In this set up, the Image III creates a unique “trilogy” of images, panning across speakers and the TV screen.

The Stealth Image III is quick and easy to install. It can be mounted on the wall within minutes due to built-in key slots located on the rear side of the speakers, attached with hollow wall anchors included with the product. It can be installed right out of the box or finished on site to match virtually any décor imaginable.

“We are delighted to be launching the Stealth Image III in Europe at ISE 2015,” said Steve Olszewski, Vice President of Stealth Acoustics. “Modern flat screen displays have great pictures but poor sound. Sound bars add bulk to the screen and place even more technology in the face of the viewer, so having an aesthetically-pleasing, artistic speaker like Image III is a smart choice. It’s a great solution for installers seeking to blend on-wall speakers within the interior design scheme, without compromising on audio performance. ”

The company also introduced its Stealth CoverArt for the first time to the European custom installation sector. Stealth CoverArt automatically hides nearly any TV screen with a beautifully framed photograph or work of art offering installers a discreet and stylish way of hiding obtrusive screens when not in use to complement any interior décor.

A custom image is printed on graphic arts quality canvas surrounded by a choice of elegant wood moulding. When the display is turned on, the Stealth CoverArt canvas is triggered to rise automatically and reveal the total display screen without any obstruction. When the display is turned off, the canvas automatically and silently lowers to conceal the screen.

CoverArt may be combined with Stealth’s Image III on-wall art speakers to create a unique tri-part custom image panorama of screen cover and speaker cover artwork. The Image III speaker is only 3.25” (83mm) deep to compliment todays thin flat-screen displays, whilst providing greatly improved sound quality over typical display speakers or sound bars.

Stealth Stingray for Superyacht Owners
Stealth also adapted its StingRay outdoor high fidelity speakers for the the marine and luxury boat markets. The StingRay speaker family, consisting of both 6” and 8” woofer models, is constructed using high strength UV protected fiberglass and marine grade, fibre-infused ASA plastics, meaning the speaker is completely sealed against intrusion from any outside elements entering. This has allowed the StingRay to capture a unique and unprecedented Ingress Protection rating of IP-68 per international CEI/IEC 60529 standards, making it ideal for custom installation in harsh, superyacht environments. 

Based on Stealth’s patented invisible speaker platform, StingRay provides a full range sound output from 45Hz to 18kHz at levels up to 103db at one meter away from the speaker. This, according to Stealth, is because no other marine speaker has the combination of an acoustically coupled traditional cone woofer with a direct-coupled high frequency stage built into a hermetically-sealed, flat-front enclosure. Stealth also designed a range of mounting solutions to aesthetically integrate StingRay into different boat structures and finishes.

“This is the basis of our patents”, states Paul Hagman, president of Stealth Acoustics. “The combination of a true conewoofer bass stage with our high-frequency drivers and Fidelity Glass radiating surface is unique. Couple this sound quality with the complete inability of elements like moisture, salt or sun to affect the device and StingRay stands apart from any other marine speaker.”

Sa255 Subwoofer Amplifier
Stealth also announced immediate availability of the company’s new SA255 350W monaural amplifier with variable low-pass filter. Built on a proven high current class A/B amplifier platform from the previous 255R model, the new SA255 sports Stealth’s “cool blue” back-lit front panel graphics which debuted with Stealth’s successful launch of the SA2400 amplifier product. This most recent upgrade to the line is intended to make Stealth amplifiers distinctively recognisable when placed in a rack, while also allowing for tweaks to functions aesthetics and control placements for improved user operation. 

The SA255 features a variable low-pass filter for use with Stealth, or other passive subwoofer speakers, and provides 350 watts of clean power at 4 ohm loads. The filter stage can be bypassed to allow for full range mono-brick operation.

In addition to a built-in limiter stage to help resist overloads and tighten up bass response, the SA255 features a wide array of input integration options; balanced XLR inputs, unbalanced RCA line-level inputs and speaker level inputs, all with pass-through outputs providing maximum flexibility in integrating the amplifier to a wide variety of sources. A no-signal auto mute function turns the amplifier off for energy conservation when audio signals are not present and immediately switches the amplifier back on upon resumption of source content.
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