Simmons Drums Introduces Stryke6 iPad Drum Controller

August 25 2014, 10:00
Remember Simmons, one of the first names in electronic drums? The Simmons brand is still around. Not the original British company, but the brand currently owned by Guitar Center. Guitar Center sells a full range of electronic drum kits that are… not exactly very exciting. Much more interesting and appealing to a much wider market is the new Simmons Stryke6 iPad controller.

There are plenty of “drum apps” for the iPad with great sounds, enabling users of electronic drum kits to basically use the iOS devices as a sound module. And let’s face it, any iPhone or iPad does a much better job as a sound module than any dedicated hardware ever will, not mentioning the fact that you can always upgrade it, download more sounds, play interactive lessons online, etc.

Now, there are situations where any drummer would actually like to be able to play for fun and relax or practice and it’s not exactly practical to have a full set of drum pads. Enter the Stryke6 iPad controller, the first ever to “deliver a full drum kit playing experience without the kit,” combining Simmons’s expertise in electronic drum kits with a nice ergonomic design and delivering a real tactile playing experience in a compact, tabletop design.

The Stryke6 iPad controller is basically six velocity-sensitive pads, each with colored LED light rings, plus two foot pedals for kick and hi-hat control, all connected with USB cables, which are included, as well as the free Simmons Stryke Drums app, for an immediate, out of the box playing experience, including a wide range of sounds.

The single control surface with the pads, kick drum, and hi-hat pedals are small enough to carry on a backpack or hide in any office drawer. Drum sticks are also included, and Stryke6 is equipped with connections for Lightning and 30-pin iPads, as well as a standard USB port.

With the standard USB port, Stryke6 can connect to any computer to trigger a variety of DAW applications and sample programs, including Garage Band, EZ Drummer, Logic, Ableton Live, and more, working with most MIDI applications. It maps to standard MIDI drum pad protocols found in most samplers and computer music applications.

For drummers and percussionists, Stryke6 can be a great portable setup and a compact practice kit, also useful for tracking drums into a DAW or sequencing program. Using color-coded pads and intuitive app-based tutorials, Stryke6 can also be used as a learning tool. Available for only $129.99.
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