Revolabs Shipping Innovative FLX UC 500 Conference Speakerphone

November 7 2014, 05:00
Revolabs announced that the company is shipping its FLX UC 500 USB conference phone, a solution that, according to the company now owned by Yamaha, “brings high-fidelity sound to everyday computer-based unified communications.” Featuring dual speaker elements, four microphones, and integrated echo cancellation, the sleekly designed device sets a new audio standard for unified communication applications in settings such as desktop workspaces and conference rooms.

“We designed our FLX UC 500 conference phone to create a seamless extension to any computer-based unified communications application while delivering an exceptional sound experience that is expected but, until now, not delivered for enterprise customers,” said JP Carney, Chief Executive Officer at Revolabs. “Already well-received across the marketplace, the FLX UC 500 keeps Web conferencing easy and provides customers with best-in-class audio through innovative engineering solutions for echo cancellation and higher bandwidth in a smart and stylish sound-driven unit.”

Revolabs’ eye-catching design on the FLX UC 500 sets a new standard for audio quality in communication applications during meetings and online collaboration by providing powerful, high-fidelity audio using tweeter and mid-woofer speaker elements. Equipped with four microphones, a wider frequency response, and higher power than typical USB audio devices, the FLX UC 500 brings professional-grade sound to unified communication applications.

Aggressively priced at an MSRP of $399, the FLX UC 500 also sets an entirely new price/performance standard. Designed specifically for conference rooms, small offices, and huddle rooms, the FLX UC 500 ensures audio clarity while offering full duplex support for clear calls with simultaneous audio capture and playback. Users can connect the FLX UC 500 via USB to a PC, Mac, or Chromebook for use with Skype, Microsoft Lync, Cisco Jabber, WebEx, and many other applications. 

More about Revolabs Headquartered in Sudbury, Massachusetts, Revolabs Inc., is a provider of audio solutions for unified communications, enterprise collaboration, and professional audio applications across a wide range of markets, focusing on audio quality that allows users to “hear every word.” The company’s teleconferencing and wireless microphone systems are utilized across the globe for a variety of applications, from webcasts and video conferencing to podcasts and broadcasting.

In March 2014, Revolabs announced that it had entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Yamaha Corporation, continuing to operate as a wholly owned subsidiary. The acquisition helped Yamaha further grow its enterprise presence for professional audio equipment, also reinforced with a new range of audio installation speakers with the acquisition of Line 6, headquartered in Calabasas, California. The sharing of product lines, technology, know-how, and sales networks of the companies enables the Yamaha Group to provide high-quality solutions for the diversifying needs of the market.
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