RedSonic Sound Rethinks Portable Speakers for Musicians

July 24 2014, 13:53
RedSonic Sound introduced a new speaker concept at the Summer NAMM 2014 Show in Nashville, TN, aiming to solve the problems with “bulky, heavy, expensive, and technologically ancient speaker cabinets for musicians, DJs, and concert venues,” as the company explains.

The introduction of the RedSonic stackable, lightweight and inexpensive speakers—prices start as low as $49—intends to offer musicians a state-of-the-art quality and audio system at a low cost, creating a true portable solution. The RedSonic round-shaped speakers can easily fit inside any vehicle and are portable enough to be moved by one person.

“It’s about time that any musician with a vision and a belief in themselves had something available to help them realize their dreams,” says longtime inventor and RedSonic Sound owner Jonathan Redmond. “It’s long overdue in a world where technology changes all the time but speaker cabinets for musicians haven’t changed much in 100 years.”

The modular, round units can be combined using a proprietary tracking system to create stacks, which are lightweight and, depending on the model, customized to create sounds similar to other speakers with adjustable ports, RedSonic claims. An unlimited number of units can be linked together on tracks creating “walls of sound” and the speakers are customizable to fit the needs of arenas, clubs, concert halls, and more intimate rooms, as well as responding to the needs of musicians.

In addition, RedSonic speakers can add powerful lightweight amplifiers with DSP (Digital Signal Processing) in each unit creating as much as 300 watts each, enabling musicians to customize their own sound and tonal qualities. RedSonic intends to offer also higher end units made of various tone woods and other materials.

“Young players want great sound, but can’t afford a big stack and have no way to transport it around by themselves,” said Redmond. “People don’t need to agonize and spend a lot of money to get going. RedSonic evens the playing field. Professionals want sounds exactly as they hear them in their heads and this technology affords them that opportunity.” 

While RedSonic Sound is a new company, founder and inventor Jonathan Redmond has been in the music industry for nearly 20 years. A guitarist at heart, he created RedSonic Modular Audio (US patents pending) to help musicians create abundant sound inexpensively and with unlimited flexibility. The company is also designing modular sound systems for desktops, automotive, home stereos, arenas and any size concert venue. RedSonic Sound is based in Stamford, CT.
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