Radial StageBug SB-6 Compact Stereo Isolator Now Shipping

July 30 2014, 06:31
The Radial StageBug SB-6 Isolator is a high-performance two-channel passive audio isolator designed to accommodate  balanced and unbalanced signals and  effectively work at eliminating noise when used with instruments, consumer electronics, and professional line-level devices. Radial Engineering confirms the SB-6 is now shipping.

As Radial President Peter Janis explains, “When we first envisioned the SB-6, we wanted to create a passive isolator that could be used in a multitude of applications. In other words, we wanted it to be a jack of all trades that could be called upon in almost any situation to accept balanced or unbalanced signals with almost any signal level.”
“Although this may sound simple, truth is, the transformers that make up the passive circuit tend to work best when they work within very specific confines. In other words, when you can control the input impedance and know what the output destination will be, you can ensure the circuit will work in a predictable fashion. With the SB-6, we ignored the rules. We wanted an isolator that would simply work in any given situation.”
The design begins with 0.25” TRS inputs and outputs to accommodate TRS and mono type connectors. The unique circuit retains the balanced signals or automatically converts them from hi-Z to lo-Z (0.25” mono to TRS) or lo-Z to hi-Z (0.25” TRS to mono) depending on the connector in use. 

As Radial Engineering states, “You simply connect and the SB-6 does the work for you! Inside are two ultra-linear Eclipse transformers that sound great as they deliver ruler flat performance from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. This is augmented with a –10 dB input pad to handle extra loud source devices and a polarity reverse on output B for phase aligning stereo signals. As the circuit is passive, no power is required—simply plug in and play.” 

As with all Radial Engineering products, the SB-6 is made in Canada and features 16-gauge steel construction for use on the road and finished in a durable powder coat finish. These features combine to make the SB-6 Isolator a flexible solution to help rid system noise in two channel audio systems, stereo guitar racks and pedalboards.
The StageBug SB-6 Isolator retails for $115 USD retail.
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