Radial Introduces LX2 and LX3 Passive Line Splitters

October 7 2016, 03:00
At the AES show this year, Radial Engineering introduced the LX2 passive line splitter and attenuator, which allows to easily send a single audio source to two different destinations at once without noise, with the ability to attenuate the input signal and tame hot outputs from a mixing console or mic preamp. Also new is the LX3 passive line splitter model, designed to send one audio signal to as many as three destinations at once. Both units provide Jensen transformer-isolated line level splitting.

The input of the new Radial LX2 features an XLR/TRS combo jack, which allows to connect balanced or unbalanced line level signals to be split to two different destinations. A premium Jensen transformer inside provides exceptional frequency response and phase coherency to ensure that the highest audio quality is maintained, while isolating the two outputs from each other to eliminate hum and buzz from ground loops. Ground lift switches on each of the two XLR outputs help to further reduce ground loop noise.

For situations where a level adjustment is required, the trim control on the LX2 allows users to attenuate overly hot signals. This allows to drive mic preamps hard to achieve coloration, while trimming the level at the LX2 to avoid clipping the inputs of recording interfaces. This trim control is activated by a recessed 'set & forget' switch; for live use or in situations where attenuation is not needed, users can simply disengage this switch to prevent accidental and unwanted level adjustments.

The LX2 is built with 14-gauge steel to ensure it continues to reliably perform night after night even on the most demanding tours, while a book-end design protects the connections and switches. Rigid I-beam construction prevents torque from being applied to the circuit board, eliminating the possibility of cold solder joints. The LX2 has a compact footprint, with the added benefit of allowing up to 8 units to be rack-mounted using the Radial J-Rak.

Radial LX3 Passive Line Splitter
The new Radial LX3 passive line splitter is designed to send one audio signal to as many as three destinations at once. Completely passive with no need for power, users simply have to plug in and the LX3 goes to work delivering audio wherever it needs to go. Like on the LX2, the heart of the LX3 is a premium Jensen transformer, providing two isolated outputs to eliminate hum and buzz from ground loops, along with a third direct output. 

All three XLR outputs feature ground lift switches for additional suppression of noise, and an input pad allows to connect super high line output levels without over-saturating the audio transformer in the LX3. The input of the LX3 features an XLR/TRS combo jack, which allows to connect via balanced or unbalanced cables; the LX3 will automatically balance the signal at the isolated outputs, preventing interference and signal degradation over long cable runs.

The LX3 can also be mounted in a Radial J-Rak, allowing up to 8 units to be rack-mounted together or combined with other compatible Radial DI boxes for a streamlined and mess-free setup. Typical applications include splitting the signal in the studio to send to multiple effects, feeding a console output to a number of recording devices, or even splitting a signal on a live stage to multiple monitors or headphone mixers.
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