RTW Introduces new TM3 USB Connect Tool and Updates Software and Loudness Tools

September 29 2015, 03:10

Visual audio meter and monitoring specialist RTW devices introduced its brand new TM3 USB Connect Tool, part of its Masterclass plug-ins, now updated to version 3.0. RTW also unveiled its implementation of IRT’s Continuous Loudness Correction (CLC) software, and released new firmware for its TouchMonitor TM7 and TM9 devices.

Celebrating 50 years in the audio industry at this year’s IBC 2015 exhibition, RTW designs innovative meters for audio monitoring and quality control. Founded in 1965, the Cologne-based specialist continues to provide first-class audio meter solutions for recording and broadcast studios all over the world.

“At RTW, we are committed to providing our clients with the best in visual audio meters and monitoring devices,” says Andreas Tweitmann, CEO of RTW, which came to the helm of the company in 2007. “Our involvement as a top company in the industry helps us gather important knowledge regarding new standards and needs. We work to streamline the broadcast industry’s necessary loudness control by way of user friendly, attainable products.”

With mandatory loudness standards becoming the new normal, RTW has made powerful contributions to the introduction of these regulations. They not only offer the products to suit the demands of the pro-audio industry, but also have helped develop the standards themselves. Michael Kahsnitz, head of product management at RTW, is a member of EBU’s PLOUD group that has worked to create binding loudness-management standards.

“With the ever-evolving pro-audio industry, it is important to stay informed of the new trends that come about,” says Tweitmann. “It is important to us that our customers find products with functional capabilities that are able to adapt to different environments. We look forward to the next 50 years of providing unparalleled customer service and products.”

TM3 USB Connect Tool
Launched at this year’s IBC show the new TM3 USB Connect software enables a direct connection between a TM3-Primus as a  plug-in within a DAW environment. It offers a remote control within the DAW for start, stop and reset on the TM3-Primus. With this software, it is no longer necessary to define the TM3-Primus as an output device. The TM3-Primus may now be connected to any channel or group in the DAW project just by inserting the plug-in into the desired channel. If the TM3-Primus is operated as an output device, the TM3 USB Connect software can also be used as a stand-alone remote control for the TM3-Primus. This new software may be operated with the most common DAW software products for Mac and PC.

Continuous Loudness Correction (CLC)
At IBC 2015 RTW also unveiled its implementation of Continuous Loudness Correction (CLC) Software as both a plugin and standalone software. First introduced in 2014, the CLC software, developed and patented by Institut für Rundfunktechnik (IRT), has been implemented into RTW’s broadcast focused equipment, expanding the company’s line of products and supporting the industry needs regarding loudness control.

CLC technology allows users to constantly adapt the level of audio they are working on, against a given program-loudness value, along with a definable loudness range in real-time with minimal obstacles. The CLC software is capable of handling DAW audio, live audio and files. It may be operated with the most common DAW software products with Mac and PC and now also as a standalone software tool. With CLC technology, RTW clients are able to maintain accordance with EBU-R128 and other global loudness standard specifications.

RTW also announced a new firmware for its TouchMonitor TM7 and TM9 devices, featuring 12th octave RTA mode with 125 bands, and high resolution with bandpass filters. There will also be a higher resolution LF dedicated analyzer, as with previous versions of the firmware. Cinema loudness modes, TASA and SAWA are provided by the latest release, as well as asymmetrical and individual adjustable tolerance ranges for the loudness measurements. An additional numerical display will inform the user of the length of an integrated measurement. Improvements were made to enhance timecode, chart and histogram functions and recalculation mode for integrated loudness measures. Additionally, performance improvements have also been included.

RTW’s popular Masterclass plug-ins for Windows and Mac OS, Mastering Tools and Loudness Tools, have also been updated to version 3.0. With this new update, the software now adheres to SAWA and TASA cinema loudness standards and its window and instruments are modified to be freely scalable. In addition, Mastering Tools now supports a 12th octave RTA.

Version 3.0 also comes with RTW’s newly developed USB connect software, which allows users to feed audio directly out of a DAW application via USB from any channel to a TM3-Primus hardware device. This software enables users to have a dedicated hardware meter at their fingertips.
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