Propellerhead Updates Rack Extension Plug-In Platform SDK 2.2

May 5 2015, 03:10
Propellerhead announced further development to its Rack Extension plug-in platform, introducing SDK 2.2 for software developers. This updated development kit offers 2-D GUI support and other improvements. Now, developers can create modern, streamlined Rack Extension designs and simplify the user experience for Reason customers.
The Rack Extension SDK has evolved significantly since its first release, and now offers many new features, including customizable displays with freeform drawing, 2-D GUI support, vector operations (SSE), an extended library of GUI elements, improved development, testing and debugging tools with faster and more flexible 3-D GUI design tools.

“Since we first launched the Rack Extension platform in 2012, we have listened to feedback from customers and developers, and continue making enhancements to the platform,” remarked Mats Karlöf, Product Marketing Manager. “The new SDK will make it even easier for developers to create GUI designs and expand the ways that customers engage with Rack Extensions.”
Using a comprehensive development kit provided by Propellerhead Software, third party developers can create instrument and effect units to be used inside of Reason. Designed for both C++ engineers and sample based instrument designers, the updated SDK 2.2 and recently released Instrument Development Toolkit (IDT) have all the tools necessary to develop stunning instruments and effects and bring them to market with minimum effort. Rack Extension SDK 2.2 includes a programming interface to create custom interactive displays.
Propellerhead’s Rack Extension platform now has over 800 companies developing and more than 300 instrument and effects devices available via Propellerhead’s online store. Developers can sign-up now for the Rack Extension SDK 2.2 at Propellerhead’s website:
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