PCB Piezotronics Introduces Water and Dust Resistant Test and Measurement Microphone

July 20 2015, 03:10
PCB Piezotronics introduced a new 0.5” (12 mm) microphone and preamplifier system, for use in applications where moisture, oil splash and contamination are a concern. The new model 130A24 is a free-field, pre-polarized array microphone and preamplifier system, ideal for general purpose acoustic tests in harsh applications and environments.

This array microphone is for use in applications where moisture, oil splash and contamination are a concern. Typical applications include brake and tire noise, industrial machinery noise, environmental noise, leak detection and general purpose acoustic tests. The phase characteristics of this microphone are tailored for noise source location applications such as holography, beamforming, acoustic cameras and sound pressure mapping.
The new PCB model 130A24 has a replaceable water and dust resistant cover, which is acoustically transparent and provides an unobtrusive alternative to windscreens and more consistent response than rubber covers. This array microphone is equipped with a rugged stainless steel grid cap similar to those used on high end condenser microphones. 
The 130A24 has a wide dynamic range, from 30 dBA (inherent noise level) to 150 dB. Although the 130A24 is optimized for flat response in a free-field, it also provides excellent response in pressure and diffuse field microphone applications.
PCB carries a full complement of pre-polarized and externally polarized condenser microphones and preamplifiers. Pre-polarized microphones use standard coaxial cables and are ICP compliant, allowing power supplies to be shared with other ICP compliant products such as accelerometers, pressure and force sensors. This interchangeability can result in a significant per-channel cost savings as well as reduce test set-up time.  PCB products are backed by our best in class warranty and Total Customer Satisfaction policy.
Model 130A24 is a stock item and available for immediate shipment.
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