New PCB Piezotronics 1/2” Preamplifier for Acoustic Testing in Confined Spaces

February 9 2015, 04:00
PCB Piezotronics expanded its microphone preamplifier family with the introduction of a new 1/2” short preamplifier. Model 426A13 is for test engineers and acoustic consultants taking measurements in spaces where traditional microphone systems won’t fit or where space constraints are a concern, such as under automobile engines or in a cavity.
PCB short preamplifier Model 426A13 shown with and without a 1/2” microphone cartridge.

The preamplifier electronics of Model 426A13 are compact and fit in a housing that is only 0.94” (24.1mm) long with an overall length (including connectors) of 1.4 (35.6mm). Preamplifiers convert a high impedance signal from a measurement microphone into a low impedance signal. Model 426A13 is designed for 1/2” (12mm) microphones used to measure frequencies within both infrasound and the human audible range (3 Hz to 20 kHz). The low noise floor allows for measurements from 15 dBA up to 147 dB with an appropriate microphone.

The 426A13, when paired with the appropriate microphone, can be used for sound pressure measurements in free-field, diffuse field (random incidence) and pressure response field. Common test environments include space-constrained cavities, impedance tubes, and under automotive and jet engines.

When combined with a 1/2” (12mm) diameter microphone, the compact system provides high quality acoustic measurements at a very competitive price. It is in stock and available for immediate shipment. 

The PCB Piezotronics expanded product line of preamplifiers now includes 1/4” and 1/2” inch short and standard lengths, preamplifiers with built-in gain, ventless, a-weighting and high-pass filters. PCB’s broad portfolio of preamplifier and microphone combinations provides the flexibility for virtually all acoustic test applications.

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