Tron Atlantic Power Amplifier Now Available

October 24 2014, 05:00
To build a truly magical amplifier when money is not an issue is relatively easy to achieve. To build a truly magical amplifier when you are trying to offer something affordable is a very different matter. Back in 2013 Graham Tricker started looking into making an affordable Tron amplifier that would meet a new set of design criteria that he had not previously examined. The amplifier had to be affordable, compact, and flexible— offering different valve/tube options—and still meet all the quality aspects famous in all previous Tron designs.

Tricker came up with the Atlantic amplifier. The Atlantic is a “platform” amplifier meaning that the case and circuit design can be made available as a power amplifier (300B, 2A3, 45, etc.), as an integrated amplifier, and as a monoblock power amplifier. The first version (the 300B stereo power amplifier) was launched at the 2014 Munich show. Each Atlantic is made and tested by Tricker ensuring the same level of quality as his more expensive designs.

The Tron Atlantic amplifier is now available at a much more affordable price compared to Tron’s other high-end models and is also one of the smallest 300B amps ever made with a footprint of just 40 cm × 25 cm. Yet, it still delivers big on sound.

Power is between 9 to 10 W across the audio spectrum (20 to 20 kHz) with a usable bandwidth up to to 95 kHz (–3dB). The chassis is made from CNC-machined aircraft-grade alloy, designed so that no nuts, bolts, or fasteners show. It is fitted with two unique DC filament supplies for heating the Electro-Harmonix 300B output valves.

The Atlantic is also an extremely low-noise design, perfect for any high-efficiency loudspeaker including horns. It uses a beautiful sounding D3a valve in the driver stage. The Atlantic’s specifications are 9 W per channel with 4-, 8-, and 16-Ω outputs, using C-Core output transformers and C-Core chokes, with a valve rectified power supply and carefully selected audio grade parts.

The Tron Atlantic is available in silver and black or gold and black. Gold and red is also available by special order. Available voltage versions include  100 V, 117 V, 220 V, 230 V, and 240 V mains. The Atlantic can be available at “Reference” specification with WBT Next-Gen speaker terminals and special OFC wire for the input and the output connections. The Tron Atlantic is sold for £6750 (pounds) including a custom flight case to ship anywhere in the world. The Atlantic Reference model upgrade sells for £7250, including a custom flight case.
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