New Soundcraft Vi3000 Console with Onboard Dante

March 13 2014, 15:20

Soundcraft Vi3000 Console

Soundcraft Vi3000 Console

At Prolight+Sound 2014, Harman’s Soundcraft introduced its brand new Vi3000 ‘all-in-one’ digital live sound console, offering a host of state-of-the-art features including the groundbreaking internal DSP Soundcraft SpiderCore, a new industrial design, 96 channels to mix, onboard Dante network compatibility and much more in a very compact footprint. The Vi3000 uses the new internal DSP SpiderCore with Soundcraft’s Vi Version 4.8 operating software, offering the new 3D Vistonics user interface while adding a fourth 24-channel fader layer to improve access to the console’s 96 input channels. The surface operation and layout is similar to other Vi Series consoles, providing a familiar feel while offering expanded functionality. The Vi3000 also features upgraded microphone preamps and 40-bit Floating Point DSP processing for superlative sound quality.

Using a more efficiently designed control surface, with 36 faders, 24 mono/stereo busses and four Vistonics II touch screen interfaces with updated 3D graphics, it can be used by two engineers at the same time.

In addition to a full complement of analogue and digital inputs and outputs, the console provides Dante/MADI record feed outputs and is the first Soundcraft console to incorporate a built-in Dante interface as standard, for seamless digital audio networking with Dante-enabled devices.

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