New Audemat FM MC5 Goldenear Test & Measurement Platform

August 26 2014, 17:23
IBC 2014 will see the European launch of the Audemat FM MC5 test & measurement platform from WorldCast Systems with additional functionalities to be unveiled exclusively at the Amsterdam show (September 12–16). First introduced at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in Las Vegas, NV, earlier this year, the highly versatile Audemat FM MC5 offers both mobile RF coverage measurement and extensive modulation analysis.

The Audemat FM MC5 is essentially a complete laboratory-grade test platform in a single, highly portable box and has been designed to meet the needs of those wishing to measure the performance of radio frequency (RF) broadcasts in the field or at the transmitter site as well as those developing, producing and testing products for the FM market.

The new MC5 offers RF scanning, mobile RF analysis and RDS Decoding, MPX/Audio analysis, signal generation (RF MPX and audio) and a multitude of other test and analysis capabilities (frequency meter, distortion meter, spectrum analyzer, and oscilloscope). With its dedicated antenna, the Audemat FM MC5 is ideal for in-car use during drive tests to check FM station coverage and occupation of the FM band across a wide coverage area.

Highly accurate RF and RDS measurements are linked to a GPS location and can be presented in a highly detailed display featuring map-based representations of signal strength as well as in-depth graphs and data. From a technical point of view, this data is essential as it can reveal black spots or weaknesses in the coverage.

At only 5 kg in weight, the Audemat FM MC5 can be easily carried to various transmitter sites for installation, commissioning and regular maintenance. It offers fully customizable, automatic testing that can be tailored to the exact needs of the broadcaster or Service Company and ensure repeatable results, free from human error.

For developers and manufacturers of FM equipment, the Audemat FM MC5 is a full-service platform to generate RF, MPX and audio signals, conduct automatic measurement sequences that ensure compliance with expectations and automatically provide customized and highly detailed reports on the system under test.

According to Audemat, the accuracy of the FM MC5 surpasses the specifications of ITU-R SM.1268-2 which outlines the methods recommended for measuring deviation and multiplex power.

During the IBC 2014 show, WorldCast Systems will show the FM MC5  with ‘Goldenear’ software which enables in-depth analysis of the FM signal quality reception data, gathered using mobile measurements. Goldenear provides a highly detailed and graphical display of RF coverage data and combines this with accurate modulation analysis to provide a comprehensive map-based overview of reception quality. The unit’s configuration wizards and usability have also been upgraded.

As a pioneer in mobile measurement and the first company to develop a product that enabled in-car drive tests back in 1996, Audemat is highly-regarded in this field. Previous offerings such as the FM MC3 and FM MC4 became the defacto standard for several major broadcasters and regulation authorities worldwide. 

“We truly believe that our new Audemat FM MC5 is the most comprehensive and versatile measurement platform available in the world today,” comments VP Sales & Marketing, Christophe Poulain. “Audemat has been at the vanguard of this market for many years and the expertise and customer knowledge that we have garnered through our experience has shaped this new unit to ensure it offers truly powerful levels of performance and accuracy while remaining easy to use and providing highly useful data is a clearly understood format.”

WorldCast Systems brands encompass APT, Ecreso & Audemat, offering audio codecs, FM transmitters and RF signal monitoring. Audemat provides a range of professional monitoring and measurement tools, complemented by an extensive range of professional software solutions for management, configuration and monitoring of broadcast networks.
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