New AKG K553PRO Studio Headphones Truly for Professionals

February 10 2015, 04:00
When AKG introduced its K550 closed-back reference class headphones, two years ago, that particular model was praised all over the world, including among professional circles. In fact, the K550 was considered one of the best designs from AKG, breaking away from the current “antenas-in-the-air” and “look-ma-I’m-an-alien” designs adopted by the Austrian brand in most of its pro and consumer over-ear models. The K550 was also highly praised for its amazing comfortable fit, clean aesthetics, and excellent reproduced sound. Considering its hefty price, many have asked: why did AKG “label” the K550 a “consumer” model?

Apparently, someone at Harman saw it the same way (albeit a few years later) and AKG introduced now - exclusively in the US, for the moment - the K553 PRO headphones, featuring the same (we assume) 50-mm drivers for a strong, yet accurate and distinguished bass response as needed for monitoring and mastering contemporary music. The extra-large soft ear pads and lightweight over-ear design ensure stress-free listening over several hours, while the 2D-axis mechanism enables full flat folding for easy storage and handling on the road.

With its low-impedance drivers, the K553 PRO is sensitive enough to also be used on laptops and mobile devices, so the soft high-quality cable is equipped with a 3.5 mm (1/8”) plug. A screw-on adapter to 6.3 mm (1/4”) is included.

According to Philipp Schuster, Product Line Manager, Headphones, AKG, “regardless of environment, requirements for headphones remain constant: realistic, sophisticated sound reproduction and comfort. The new K553 PRO offers these qualities and more, while also being extremely affordable!”
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