New AKG K182 Professional Monitor Headphones Are Reliable, Comfortable and Built-to-Last

December 2 2015, 04:00

The new K182 was designed for “discerning musicians and engineers”, and are simple and honest professional closed-back monitor headphones “for use with E-drums and Keyboards, studio monitoring and home recording”. Don’t confuse the K182 with the K812 superior reference top of the range 1.5 Tesla headphones launched in 2013. Maybe it’s an hint to the price diference or that AKG just wants us to confuse their products. Whatever it is, if you look at the most recent AKG’s numeric references we can see they are getting really good at this…

According to AKG’s website, the new K182 professional monitor headphones feature high sensitivity 50mm transducers in a foldable, closed-back design, intended to provide “sonic clarity, comfort and portability for musicians and engineers — all at an affordable price point.” So maybe its really an hint to the price difference with the K812 (you add 812 to the price of the K182 and you get the price of the K812… got it?…)

According also to AKG, the K182’s drivers were designed to ensure high output with an extended frequency range from 10 Hz to 28 kHz. The K182’s high-sensitivity 50mm transducers ensure professional-quality sound even with mobile devices. In addition, the closed-back, over-ear design provides great performance for every instrumentalist, and comfort during long sessions. And for those users working with really bass heavy mixes, AKG also introduced the K181 DJ UE reference class DJ headphones using the same 50mm drivers, but extending bass response down to 5Hz with an additional bass boost switch - but that’s another story.

Providing long-lasting durability, the K182 is also built to endure the inevitable drops and bumps that happen during use and transport. The convenient 3D-axis professional folding mechanism makes it easy to pack the K182 into compact spaces, while a detachable cable with 1/8”-to-1/4” screw-on adapter provides easy connectivity with gear of all kinds. The generous soft leather earpads are replaceable, extending the longevity for studios making the investment.

“While the K182 headphones are the result of careful listening to the needs of customers who work in environments of all sizes and shapes, we found a common thread in their criteria for a must-have pair of headphones — excellent sound quality, lasting comfort and built-to-last reliability,” said Karam Kaul, Marketing Director of AKG. “With the K182 headphones, we enable musicians and engineers to truly take control of their sound.”
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