More About IoT, M2M and Wireless Communications at Embedded World 2015 Exhibition & Conference in Nuremberg, Germany

February 23 2015, 05:00
The Embedded World Exhibition & Conference will be held from 24th to 26th February 2015 in Nuremberg, Germany. With 899 exhibitors from 37 countries, the international Embedded Community can once again look forward to three exciting trade fair and congress days, touching on key issues of IoT development and security, M2M and wireless communications.

The Embedded World Exhibition & Conference will once again attract large numbers of trade visitors from all over the world to Nuremberg. It is the world’s largest platform for embedded-system technologies and the “knowledge tank” of one of the most innovative sectors. Two highly prestigious congress events are taking place concurrently with the trade fair: the embedded world Conference and electronic displays Conference.

The Embedded World 2015 exhibition space is even larger than before. This is also reflected in the theme-focused special areas – the M2M Area and the electronic displays area, and at the joint stand for young, innovative companies. This year’s exhibition and conference will be also more international than ever, with companies from 37 different countries among the 899 exhibitors. “This is where the whole embedded world meets”, says Benedikt Weyerer, Embedded World project manager at NürnbergMesse.

Like the entire exhibition, the special areas are growing from year to year. The M2M Area and the electronic displays area have played a major role within the Embedded World Exhibition & Conference for years. They reflect two important topics within the industry and create the link to the international conferences, while creating the important bridge between scientific expertise, practical innovation and pioneering products and services in the exhibition halls.

In hall 5, in a space covering over 1,000 m², 56 companies are now presenting their product innovations in the area of wireless and wired M2M applications. The portfolio covers: remote maintenance, tracking and tracing, e-payment, e-mobility and facility management plus M2M for machine and systems engineering. The two M2M sessions on the third day of the Conference provide information about the design of networks for efficient communication between IoT participants.

In the electronic displays area in hall 1, which has grown to around 1600 m2 in 2015, 56 exhibitors are presenting the latest trends in LCD, OLED, PDP, LED and ePaper. Flexible displays, human-machine interfaces, graphic user interfaces, touch screens and 3D-Displays complete the range of products. The electronic displays Conference covers the entire display spectrum on a scientific and technical basis.

On their joint stand in hall 4A, 13 young, innovative German companies are presenting their top products and innovations. Solutions in the hardware sector, new ideas in software programming and pioneering services are being exhibited here by young creative and innovative minds.

Keynote Speeches
The event organizers have invited Dr Thomas Grüter to be a keynote speaker. Dr Grüter, the founder of a software house, scientist and textbook author will be talking at his exclusive lecture about future threats to the Internet. Tyson Tuttle, CEO of Silicon Labs, recognized HF expert and enthusiastic champion of the “Internet of Things”, will give another of the daily keynote speeches at this year’s embedded world Conference. Scott Aylor, general manager Embedded Systems Division at AMD, and Gareth Noyes, Senior Vice President Strategy and Corporate Development at Wind River, will share their visions and describe future developments and challenges in the other two keynotes.

In his conference keynote, Tyson Tuttle, CEO of Silicon Labs, will present his perspective as an HF expert on the technical challenges for the engineering of the IoT. He is convinced that networked components will change the way we live, work, play, communicate and travel in our entire living environment. According to Tuttle, the IoT will enhance convenience and utility as well as our safety and health. In his keynote speech he will explain how existing and future hardware and software platforms in the IoT will form networked nodes, perform calculations, record measured values and trigger events. Tuttle shows the suitability of communication standards like WLAN, ZigBee, Bluetooth Smart or Thread for extending the IoT. He promotes a new generation of energy-saving microcontrollers, “wireless-SoCs with multi-protocol and multi-band capabilities, with which future IoT modules are set to be realized simply and quickly.” As a result there would be virtually limitless opportunities to network everything with everything else and thus to dramatically improve the energy efficiency, reliability, safety and intuitiveness of networked components.

On the second day of the event Scott Aylor, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the Embedded Systems Division at AMD, will once again address the issue of the Internet of Things in the keynote of the day at 9.30 am. In his presentation “Heterogeneous Computing for the IoT”, he will examine the issue of the enormous processing power that will be necessary to realize this vision.

And for the 26 February, the conference organizers have managed to enlist a strategist from the software development field to present the keynote of the day. Again at 9.30 am, Gareth Noyes, Chief Strategy Officer at Wind River, will talk about “Delivering End-to-End Intelligence for the IoT”. This means that on each of the three conference days the keynote presentations will address one of the IoT technology segments connectivity, hardware and software.

Leading edge
With its slogan “We are the Internet of Things”, the embedded world Conference 2015 is sending out a clear signal that the embedded sector has been paving the way to the Internet of Things (IoT) for quite some time. The program for the embedded world Conference includes many top-class papers and practical workshops with some of the most innovative embedded system developers in the world.

When preparing the conference, experts identified the key issues in IoT development such security, safety, M2M and wireless communication or IoT communication profiles. These topics will be presented to the conference participants in the form of sessions and intensive classes that initiate discussion and explore potential solutions. The high-caliber exchanges that result produce new ideas, trends and standards that will shape and define the future path of the IoT.

For a long-time, the electronic displays Conference has been established as the ultimate platform for all relevant information about displays for developers, users and decision-makers. This year’s highlights will include displays in Industry-4.0 applications, HMI/GUI and automotive displays or the latest liquid crystal materials. The program is rounded off by two sessions on touchscreens and their optimization and other sessions on display measuring technology, interfaces and display systems. The regular author interviews after each session offer a great opportunity to discuss the presentations in a small group.
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