MAG Audio Extends Professional Transducer Range with new 21” Woofer

February 18 2016, 03:00

From the innovative minds of MAG Audio comes a new high-power low distortion 21” low frequency transducer, which the Ukrainian company says is a competitive high-quality alternative to more compact and effective subwoofers designs. The new MAG M2108 woofer uses a aluminum die-cast frame with improved ventilated 4.5” voice coil and features the company’s removable self-centering ferrite magnet system.

Following the trend of increasing diversity of sound reinforcement applications, including cinema, installation, integrated solutions, and a wide variety of music reinforcement applications, professional sound equipment manufacturers are constantly looking for new ways to fulfill demanding, and sometimes contradictory requirements in the current professional audio market.

According to MAG Audio, with numerous options current available today with widely introduced digital amplifiers, allowing for light-weight, energy and cost effective units, so desire to create compact, lightweight and powerful solutions are even more tempting. Following this philosophy, the 21” woofer format is often, and undeservingly, overlooked because of it’s size and weight. “However, as practice shows, a carefully designed single unit 21” subwoofer can outperform a typical dual 15” subwoofer, while preserving cabinet size and even lowering the weight. Of course, this calls for a optimized and highly reliable transducer unit.”

With the desire to provide the most fitting and cost effective solution possible, MAG Audio engineers have developed the new M2108 21” ferrite transducer with specifically vented box optimized parameters. The new unit features a high temperature inside/outside 4,5” voice coil, glass fiber reinforced weather protected cone and double silicon spider, plus dual demodulation ring improving distortion behavior and voice coil cooling. Further benefits include traditional MAG Audio self-centering removable magnet system for ease of repairs and increased reliability, in a unit with a weight of 15,7 kg.

The new M2108 woofer is rated for 3200 W AES program power and is recommended for conventional and infra-bass professional subwoofers, line-array sub-bass supplements and night-club sound systems, as well as cinema and high-power installation applications. Backed-up by with 3-year MAG Audio warranty and highly competitive price policy, the new unit is expected to be appreciated by innovative and forward-looking manufacturers and integrators.

MAG Audio (Magnet Ltd) is the largest producer of professional transducers and loudspeaker systems in Ukraine. Since being founded in 1991 the company is on a mission to design and manufacture high-quality reliable world-class products. MAG loudspeaker systems are chosen by many clubs, discos, entertainment complexes, concert halls and sound distribution companies in Ukraine and world. Besides speaker systems and transducers, MAG Audio provides complete range of services in engineering, installation, setup and maintenance. Located in Bila Tserkva, in the Kiev region, Ukraine, MAG Audio’s transducers include a complete range of cone loudspeakers with sizes from 6” to 21”, plus 1”, 1.4”, 1.5” and 2” high-frequency drivers and coaxial drivers.
More details on the new M2108 speaker can be found on the MAG Audio website.
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