Linn Spreads the Joy Of High Quality Music With Festive 24-Bits Of Christmas Gift

December 3 2015, 03:00

Once again, Scottish company Linn announces its 24-bits of Christmas campaign. The record label and renowned music system manufacturer, continues to spread its message of high quality music to all music lovers this Christmas with the festive gift of free Studio Master music – the highest quality download available.
Each week in December a curated collection of stunning Studio Master tracks will be available to download from Linn Records’ diverse and talented roster of artists. Each collection has its own theme and offers the perfect introduction to high quality Studio Master downloads, giving everybody the chance to explore and expand their musical tastes with the wide variety of genres on offer throughout the month.
There’s something for everyone to enjoy, including a stunning rendition from Britain’s First Lady of Jazz, Claire Martin, an award-winning performance from the Scottish Chamber Orchestra’s hugely popular Mozart symphonies and an exclusive track from the beautiful English pianist and vocalist, Liane Carroll, recorded specially for Linn’s 24-bits of Christmas.

You can enjoy a taste of what’s on offer throughout December with Linn’s The Movie Collection, which features iconic tracks from some of the most celebrated moments in movie history, interpreted by Linn Records’ artists and delivered in glorious 24-bit Studio Master quality.

24-bit Studio Master downloads can be enjoyed using a network music player or via a laptop or PC. They are the highest quality music files available, allowing the listener to hear music exactly as it was recorded, before it was altered to fit on a CD or squashed down to MP3 size. With this unique gift from Linn, every music lover can build an extra special playlist this Christmas.

All you have to do is visit the 24-bits of Christmas site, sign up for a free Linn Records account and return each Monday to download the new Linn Collection. Each Linn Collection will available to download for free for 1 week only: from Monday at 10am to the following Monday at 9am (GMT time).

A Studio Master download has a bit depth of 24-bit, and a sample rate of up to 192 kHz, which is over six times the musical data available on a CD. Studio Masters can be streamed through a network music player including Linn’s own range of DS players, as well as computers with 24-bit soundcards using software such as iTunes, Foobar 2000, VLC and dozens of other applications.
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