Lab.gruppen Introduces D Series Networked Amplifier Platform

June 30 2014, 17:42
With an enviable pedigree in the world of high-performance amplification for more than 30 years, Lab.gruppen plans to continue its proud tradition of cutting-edge innovations with the unveiling of D Series. The D Series is a new flagship install-dedicated four-channel DSP amplifier platform, which debuted at InfoComm 2014 in Las Vegas, NV, and will be available for shipping mid-summer 2014.
According to Lab.gruppen, “D Series represents the most advanced and capable install-dedicated platform ever conceived by Lab.gruppen,” drawing on experiences and new technologies developed recently, such as the company’s flagship high-end touring PLM 20000Q solution. Delivering what Lab.gruppen engineers describe as an amplifier platform that offers “genuinely open interoperability.” It is a product that can seamlessly integrate with a wide range of digital audio and control protocols. The D Series is available in two distinct variants—one featuring Lake processing technology and the other featuring the Tesira platform by Biamp Systems. Each variant offers unique capabilities and advantages.
The Lake D Series variant offers the proven package of Lake Processing DSP with analog, Audio Engineering Society (AES) and a dual-redundant Dante network solution; supported by the development of new custom software to provide extensive integration potential with most key systems manufacturers. With the Tesira variant of D Series, comes a potent new collaboration between Lab.gruppen and Biamp Systems. This has resulted in dedicated models equipped with Tesira DSP, with AVB audio and control, to offer unheralded amplifier and DSP platform integration, designed to ensure seamless interoperability between respective systems.
Available in three power configurations—8,000 W, 12,000 W, and 20,000 W total power output—they are each available in either variant. D Series also heralds the debut of Lab.gruppen’s Rational Power Management (RPM) technology, enabling power allocation across all channels, which is in line with recent approaches developed by QSC Audio and Harman’s Crown.
Lab.gruppen’s RPM approach is slightly different, since it enables each model to deliver up to 5,000 W output on any single channel, even on the lower power models, leaving the remaining available power to be freely allocated to the other channels. This enables each channel being tailored to the precise requirement of the load, rationalizing the system to achieve most efficient use of the total amplifier inventory.

All D Series models feature Class TD output stages with patented Intercooler high-efficiency cooling system, and regulated switch-mode power supplies with Breaker Emulation Limiter (BEL) function to prevent power interruption, as well as Under-voltage Limiting (UVL) for continued operation despite severe voltage drops.
D Series also reinforces Lab.gruppen’s commitment towards green amplifier technology, having evolved from the tested and proven amplifier and patented power supply technology found in the PLM 20000Q, with Power Factor Correction and low peak mains current draw to power output ratio. Augmenting those green credentials is a new software suite called Configuring Amplifiers For the Environment (CAFE). In addition to providing full system surveillance capabilities as well as RPM configuration, CAFE also includes a design tool named Equipment Specification Predictor (ESP) that provides an optimized recommendation for specifying D Series into the project, including model and number of amps, heat generated, channel distribution, and current draw.

D Series with Tesira DSP Technology
Lab.gruppen designed its D Series for integration with the widest range of digital audio and control protocols, oferring the D Series variant with Lake processing and Audinate’s Dante implementation. At the same time, Lab.gruppen unveiled the results of its collaboration with Biamp Systems for integration with its Tesira DSP platform and AVB connectivity.
The new D Series Tesira variants leverage Biamp’s Tesira DSP technology, including audio video bridging (AVB) audio and control, to offer total amplifier and DSP platform integration, engineered specifically for high-performance installations and the application-specific demands of large-scale performance venues. The new Lab.gruppen are able to connect with the full Tesira line of large digital signal processors, offering different networking capabilities for different installation environments. The Tesira Server and Server-IO units also allow for Dante and CobraNet connectivity, apart from AVB, through the use of optional cards.
The D Series units function as a discrete high-power output device in the Tesira environment, with multichannel audio inputs, control and monitoring all carried over a single Cat-5e/6 network cable. This enables comprehensive amplifier surveillance, full functionality as Tesira expander devices with integration of amplifier configuration and surveillance and total exchange of platform indicators for Alarm, Activity, Status, and Power, as well as per-channel indicators for Load, Amp, Signal, and Mute.
“The D Series Tesira variants are the highly impressive result of our unique collaboration with Lab.gruppen, bringing the best DSP platform together with the best amplifier range to provide an industry-leading integrated solution,” says Graeme Harrison, Executive Vice President of Marketing, Biamp Systems. “It is a true example of our commitment to develop solutions that can meet the needs of an evolving industry.”
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