LaVoce Italiana Targets Global Speaker Market

July 19 2014, 10:02
During the Prolight+Sound 2014 show in Frankfurt, we were positively surprised when visiting the booth of LaVoce Italiana.
Founded in 2008, Lavoce Italiana was born from a joint-venture between Elettromedia srl, the company known for automotive audio brands Audison and Hertz, and Jiashan Haosheng Electronic Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of micro-speakers for both mobile phones and notebook computers, founded in 1984 near Shanghai.

Inheriting the best values and skills of the two parent companies, specialized in the field of loudspeakers design and production, Lavoce Italiana’s DNAs is a complete mix of design and electro acoustic technical know-how Made in Italy, plus the reference manufacturing capabilities & typical competitiveness of the far east, with modern production capabilities and constant supervision from the Italian management system.

With R&D facilities and sales offices based in Rome, Italy, and their 11,000 square meters production plant in Jiashan, China (100kms from Shanghai), Lavoce Italiana focused initially on combining the parent companies’ design & testing know-how and manufacturing experiences, developing and producing loudspeakers for OEM\ODM markets. More recently the project evolved also into Professional Audio loudspeaker applications. In the current LaVoce Italiana catalogue we can find a full range of neodymium and ferrite transducers for medium-low frequencies, together with compression drivers and soft dome tweeters for high frequencies.

In Frankfurt, the company was displaying its new CSF061.20, 6.5” Coaxial ferrite neodymium magnet steel basket driver. Thanks to the coaxial-coincident design, the brand claims the CSF061.20 offers a very linear frequency response up to very high frequencies, and almost constant directivity. The integrated crossover and the shallow profile provide for a smooth and quick installation. With a FEM optimized ferrite motor and tweeter acoustic design and 1.2/0.55 inch voice coil (80W program power handling and 92 dB/SPL sensitivity), the CSF061.20 is ideal for in-ceiling or in-wall applications where very wide and extended frequency response, compact installation size and very good power handling and efficiency are required.

LaVoce was also displaying the new DF10.10L 1” compression driver with Ferrite magnet polyimide diaphragm and surround material. The new FEM optimized motor, phase plug and diaphragm rates a 40-watt program power handling (107 dB/SPL sensitivity) with smooth frequency response, suitable for 2-way and 3-way systems.

Another highlight was the FAN030.71 3” fullrange neodymium magnet aluminum basket driver. Thanks to its cone profile and rubber surround design, this FEM-optimized neodymium motor with copper sleeve produces a strong and symmetrical flux density in the gap, allowing high value of SPL, dynamic and very low distortion. It is specified for use in applications where very wide and extended frequency response, compact installation size and very good power handling and efficiency are required.

The new SAF102.50L 10” subwoofer with 2.2” copper voice coil uses a similar ferrite magnet resonance free and heavy duty aluminum basket design, based on a long throw design, optimized for symmetrical force factor and suspension compliance up to the maximum excursion, 46 mm peak to peak, allowing high SPL. The woofer is rated at 1000-watt program power, using an optimized cooling system. The SAF102.50L is ideal for use in very small subwoofer enclosures, sealed or vented, with high linear excursion, low distortion and high SPL output.

Finally, the WAN123.00 12” woofer features FEM optimized neodymium motor and suspensions with 3-inch voice coil, being especially recommended for 2-way multiamplified systems (800W program power handling and 99 dB/SPL sensitivity).
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