Industry’s First 1/2” Prepolarized Low Noise Microphone System

February 3 2016, 04:00

PCB Piezotronics introduced a new 1/2” low noise microphone and preamplifier system, model 378A04, which enables test engineers to measure extremely low sound pressure levels in a cost effective, prepolarized (0V) package. Applications include measurements for fan tests, appliance noise, electric car sound quality, environmental noise, cabin noise & anechoic chamber qualification.

The 378A04, is a free-field microphone which is ideal for measurements commonly made in computer fan and disk drive tests, appliance noise, electric car sound quality, environmental noise, cabin noise and anechoic chamber qualification. A built-in filter is custom matched to each microphone ensuring that the sensitivity is stable and accurate between 10 Hz and 16 kHz.

The new PCB Piezotronics 1/2” microphone and preamplifier system allows designers to achieve quieter products by pinpointing low noise source locations and make measurements with extremely low noise floor to 6.5 dBa (5.5 dBA typical), while realizing significant per channel savings with coaxial cables and 0V power supplies when compared to 200V solutions. The new system also allows the use of existing Data Acquisition Systems (minimum 4 mA) and operates on ICP power.

This industry exclusive sensor is used with data acquisition systems that provide 4-20 mA of constant current. Prior to the release of the 378A04, engineers were forced to use high-cost, 7-pin cables and 200V power supplies to measure below 15 dBA. This microphone system uses common coaxial cables with BNC connectors and can be shared with other ICP compatible products including: accelerometers, force and pressure sensors. Portability and interchangeability with other sensors minimizes test set-up time and reduces the cost per-channel.  

PCB carries a full complement of prepolarized and externally polarized condenser microphones and preamplifiers. The 378A04 microphone system is A2LA and ILAC accredited and CE marked. 
Model 378A04 is a stock item and available for immediate shipment. Like all PCB microphone products, it comes with a 5 year warranty.
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