IK Multimedia Introduces iKlip Grip Multifunctional Smartphone Stand

May 26 2015, 08:00
It’s a selfie-stick… It’s a tripod… It’s a stand… It’s a Grip! Italian company IK Multimedia continues to design clever solutions for the mobile age. With its new iKlip Grip multifunctional smartphone accessory, musicians, journalists, and social media enthusiasts can capture perfect audio and video with their mobile devices.

IK Multimedia announced iKlip Grip, a new multifunctional “stand” with Bluetooth shutter for smartphones, compact video cameras, audio field recorders, and more. iKlip Grip is four accessories in one. It can be used as a desktop tripod, grip handle, monopod, or tripod adapter. In all configurations, it can securely hold any smartphone with a screen size from 3.5” to 6” — even when the device is in a protective carrying case.

iKlip Grip also features a standard mounting system for connecting small mobile video cameras such as GoPro, compact digital cameras, and stand-mount audio field recorders. So now, when you want to capture that magic performance for social media posting, band documentaries, YouTube uploads and sharing, iKlip Grip is the perfect tool.

The secret to iKlip Grip lies in its ingeniously secure and expandable holding bracket system. It lets users precisely position any smartphone at any angle to capture photos, videos, and audio. iKlip Grip features an expandable spring-loaded soft-touch rubber bracket that provides superior secure holding. Repositioning the held smartphone is as simple as expanding the brackets to release the phone, then re-securing it. The iKlip Grip holding bracket features a standard 0.25” threaded tripod screw mount so that it can be used with any standard tripod as a mobile device adapter. 
Plus, when a smartphone is used for audio and video capture, the connection ports are accessible for use with IK’s iRig Mic Field, iRig Mic HD, iRig Mic Cast and iRig Mic making it perfect for high-quality on-the-go audio broadcast interviews, backstage interviews, concert footage and more.
The base handle of iKlip Grip provides two intuitive functions. With its smartly designed ergonomic hand grip, iKlip Grip fits comfortably into almost any hand to provide a secure and rock-steady way to shoot video on the move on any smartphone, compact video camera or field recorder. The base handle is also split into three equal sections that can open out to form a secure tripod stand for stationary media capture. This option gives users the ability to choose the best way to get a great shot – handheld, monopod, or tripod.
iKlip Grip also features a pivoting ball-joint attachment system that provides a full 90° range of angle adjustment plus 360° of rotation. This allows users to get the best angle and position for every shot.
iKlip Grip also comes with a 17.5”/45-cm detachable telescopic extension arm. This gives users an easy way to position their device from 10” to 22” (25 to 55 cm) away — high above the crowd for optimal video and audio recording. This extension arm provides tons of inspiring possibilities by offering multiple height and viewing points that give all sorts of different perspectives for photo, video and audio recording.
The new multifunctional accessory comes with a Bluetooth control that lets users remotely activate the shutter in video and photo apps. The remote is universally compatible with iOS and Android, and it can be operated up to 10 meters away from the device. 

iKlip Grip is part of IK’s iKlip family of products, that includes iKlip Xpand, iKlip Xpand MINI and iKlip Xpand Stand. The entire product range is designed to hold mobile devices, smartphones and tablets securely in place for a multitude of handy uses for musicians, broadcasters, creative professionals and hobbyists.
iKlip Grip is shipping for an introductory price of $59.99 (excluding taxes).
To see the official video of iKlip Grip in action, click here.
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