DirectOut and Merging Support Low-Latency Streaming of 256 Audio Channels via RAVENNA

August 17 2015, 04:00

DirectOut Technologies and Merging Technologies have announced high-performance interoperability of  their in-house developed audio network cores using RAVENNA technology. DirectOut’s new MONTONE.42 audio-over-IP (AoIP) bridge supports low-latency streaming of 256 audio channels to and from Merging’s Pyramix Virtual Studio DAW.

The advantages of audio networks have been well publicized and are easy to understand, but in a true professional working environment, the importance of moving large channel counts around the network with very low latency is important. Just as important is the ability to integrate with legacy I/O formats that will continue to be in use for some time to come. 

German pro audio connectivity specialists DirectOut Technologies and Swiss networked audio specialists Merging Technologies have now demonstrated high-performance interoperability of their in-house developed audio network cores using RAVENNA as network protocol. DirectOut’s MONTONE.42 supports low-latency streaming of 256 audio channels to and from Merging’s Pyramix Virtual Studio DAW. 

According to Merging, “this high capacity and low latency feature demonstrates the full benefit of RAVENNA.” Other RAVENNA-compliant devices such as Merging’s Horus and Hapi networked audio converters and DirectOut’s PRODUCER.COM can simply be added to the network to provide additional features and functionality.
Merging will commence shipping of the new Pyramix 10 workstation at IBC 2015 whilst DirectOut announced that its MONTONE.42 solution is already shipping. This MADI (AES10) to Audio-over-IP bridge is based on RAVENNA audio networking technology and offers four MADI and two gigabit network ports for maximum versatility. In addition it is also fully AES67-compliant (the interoperability standard from AES) for seamless compatibility with other AoIP devices. MONTONE.42 offers both an AES67 profile for straightforward network integration and RAVENNA profiles for more demanding applications requiring high performance transmission at minimum latency. An integrated routing matrix and remote control come as standard.
According to Claudio Becker-Foss, Product Manager at DirectOut, “MONTONE.42 provides a reliable way to connect a big number of audio channels gathered from existing equipment with a high-performance audio workstation. Moreover, once all these channels are available in the network, it has never been easier to dynamically adjust the setup and provide signals wherever needed even while the production is already running.”
“Merging has been demonstrating interoperability with DirectOut for some years now so it is really great to be able to exploit the full capability of RAVENNA,” commented Merging Technologies President, Claude Cellier. “We are excited that AES67 opens up the possibility of connecting to other network solutions as well as interfacing with MADI, AES/EBU, ADAT and SPDIF. It makes life so much easier for the operators.” |
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