Beyerdynamic New MCE 85 Shotgun Microphone Premiering at the IFA Show in Berlin

August 6 2014, 12:00
Digital action-cams are hugely popular and affordable photo cameras also enable decent video recordings in HD quality. In combination with high-quality optics, digital SLR cameras have already replaced a large number of conventional video cameras and impress with an authentic film look. Nevertheless, the sound quality is not always able to keep pace: integrated mini-microphones crackle and hiss and available cheap microphone accessories are often unable to offer quality sound.

The Heilbronn, Germany manufacturer decided to tackle the problem with the MCE 85, a new condenser shotgun microphone that is able to meet professional demands and is handcrafted in Germany, despite the attractive price.

Shotgun microphones are popular with professionals in the film and television industries because of their exceptional directivity. The special design effectively suppresses background noise from behind or the side: the audio recording can be precisely directed at what is going on in front of the camera. At low frequencies, shotgun microphones exhibit a super-cardioid polar pattern which then develops into a super cardioid/lobar pattern at higher frequencies, so that the sound event is focused even in noisy environments.

The beyerdynamic MCE 85 is suitable for mounting on television/film cameras and camcorders. It can be used on a microphone boom both indoors and outdoors. The new beyerdynamic shotgun microphone can also be used as a handheld microphone, and can be an ideal complement to many digital sound recorders. A microphone clamp and a professional pop shield to suppress distracting wind noise are included. A switchable high-pass filter limits the broad frequency range as required and reduces unwanted proximity effects.

The slim microphone with high-quality electret condenser capsule and integrated footfall sound insulation is available in two designs: The MCE 85 PV is intended for operation with phantom power, while the MCE 85 BA model can also be phantom or battery powered using a 1.5 V battery. The MCE 85 BA has an ON/OFF switch (for battery operation) and a battery status LED. The average battery life is approx. 160 hours. A DC/DC converter ensures that the microphone signal remains constant even if the battery power starts to wane, guaranteeing consistent recording quality. The MCE 85 BA model is available as a special “Full Camera Kit” edition that includes all important accessories and adapter parts, as well as a durable plastic case.

The sturdy aluminium housing makes the MCE 85 an extremely durable yet lightweight microphone. Without battery and cable, the MCE 85 BA weighs only 110 grams (MCE 85 PV: 81 grams). The high-quality matte black coating prevents distracting reflections during video recordings. Optionally available accessories, including a hot shoe set and an XLR to stereo mini jack adapter, promise to make the new shotgun microphone a professional all-rounder for a number of recording applications.

beyerdynamic will be presenting the MCE 85 for the first time from the 5th to 10th September 2014 at the IFA show in Berlin and availability is expected starting end of September 2014. The MCE 85 PV recommended retail price is 189 Euro and 199 Euro for the battery powered MCE 85 BA version. The MCE 85 BA version is also available as a “Full Camera Kit” with extensive accessories.
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