Audiofile Releases Loop Editor 2

September 18 2014, 11:00
Audiofile announced the availability of Loop Editor 2 on the Mac App Store. Loop Editor 2 is the perfect replacement for the now discontinued Apple Loops Utility and raises the bar with support for all loop types, beat detection, ACID files, and more.

Key Features in Loop Editor 2:
    •    Slice: add, edit, and export slices
    •    Loop: supports all loop types and helps you quickly fine tune loop boundaries
    •    Tag: advanced editing including the Genre & Descriptors properties for Apple Loops files
    •    Script: Support for AppleScript allows automation of complex workflows
    •    Export: multiple formats including Apple Loops, AIFF, ACID, WAV and W64
Loop Editor 2 also includes two indispensable Audiofile utilities: ReCycle Converter converts Propellerhead ReCycle files for importing into Loop Editor and First Aid, which can diagnose and repair uncompressed audio files that won't import or open in audio applications.
Loop Editor 2 in available through the Mac App Store and is on sale for a limited time for $29.99. Regular price is $49.99.
Founded by Ev Olcott and Matthew Foust in 2003, Audiofile is a boutique technology company from Minneapolis, MN, building Mac OS and iOS apps for musicians and audio engineers.
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