Audio Precision Delivers Dolby MS11 Test Solution

March 4 2015, 03:07
Audio Precision announced the availability of their test package enabling Dolby MS11 compliance testing via APx Series audio analyzers. The Dolby MS11 Multistream Decoder provides TV, set-top box, and IC manufacturers with a single-package solution for decoding all premium broadcast audio formats, including Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital, HE AAC with Dolby metadata, and all HE AAC/AAC bitstreams.

As TVs and set-top boxes evolve into multipurpose digital media platforms, electronics manufacturers must navigate a wide variety of audio codecs while providing consumers a seamless entertainment experience. The Dolby Multistream Decoder MS11 is a comprehensive and cost-effective solution, reducing for manufacturers the complexity of integrating multiple audio technologies into new receivers and ensuring optimal compatibility with the worldwide installed base of home theater systems and with future broadcast audio standards.

Ensuring high-quality standards when integrating Dolby technology into consumer and professional audio systems requires extensive compliance testing and reporting. To help streamline this testing process for Dolby MS11 licensees, AP’s applications engineering team, in cooperation with Dolby’s compliance engineering group, have created an MS11-specific test suite for the APx Series audio analyzers and APx500 audio test software. The package automates a majority of the required tests and reduces the total effort needed to complete the reporting process.

“Supporting customers in the deployment of cutting-edge audio technology is just as critical as the development of that technology,” said Mathias Bendull, Vice President, Broadcast Consumer Audio, Dolby Laboratories. “Our ongoing collaboration with Audio Precision aids that endeavor, providing an efficient compliance testing process for licensees, while maintaining the highest quality and the sustained integrity of the Dolby brand.”

“The value of a test solution that speeds the compliance test process without compromising the results is vital to any engineer tasked with achieving that compliance,” added Dave Schmoldt, Audio Precision CEO. “We’re pleased to provide exactly such a solution to our Dolby-licensed customers, free of charge.” 

Audio Precision’s Dolby compliance test packages are available exclusively from Dolby as part of the deliverables included in Dolby System Development Kits (SDKs) for specific technologies, including MS11. These test packages are provided at no charge to Dolby licensees, but do require the appropriate APx Series audio analyzer to run. |
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