Audio Precision Co-founder Bruce Hofer Hands Reins to Dave Schmoldt

January 5 2015, 05:00
Audio Precision (AP) announced the transition of company ownership from majority shareholder Bruce Hofer to AP’s leadership team. Hofer will continue to apply his expertise as principal hardware engineer while maintaining his role as Chairman of AP’s Board. Dave Schmoldt, AP President, will assume the responsibilities of Chief Executive Officer.

The change in ownership, which took effect December 16, 2014, “allows for the smooth transition of leadership while retaining an existing, well-defined strategy, experienced staff, and a clear focus on meeting the evolving needs of audio test engineers around the world,” explains the company in the announcement.

“Since helping to establish AP thirty years ago, one of my primary goals has been for the company to be the performance leader in our industry,” says AP co-founder and Chief Analog Designer, Bruce Hofer. “I have the utmost confidence in AP’s strategy and leadership team going forward, so this evolution of our organization will allow me to concentrate on pushing the boundaries of performance in audio measurement.”

“The leadership team is grateful for this vote of confidence from Bruce and the Board,” adds Dave Schmoldt, AP President and CEO. “Our entire organization appreciates Bruce’s continued contributions, and strives to emulate his long-standing commitment to our customers and to the advancement of audio test.”

Dave Schmoldt was appointed President in January 2008 and given a seat on the Audio Precision Board of Directors. Since 2001 he served as AP’s Vice President and CFO as well as Secretary and Treasurer of the Board. Prior to his employment at Audio Precision, he spent 12 years at Tektronix where he was on the management teams of several business units including oscilloscopes, displays and spectrum analyzers.
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