Audient ASP880 Eight-channel Microphone Pre-Amplifier and ADC

July 14 2014, 15:49
The new Audient ASP880 8-channel microphone preamplifier builds on the success of the original Dearden-designed mic pre ASP008, and takes advantage of current technologies providing enhanced audio performance. ASP880 features eight of Audient’s renowned console-grade microphone pre-amplifiers, two JFET D.I instrument inputs, pristine converter technology, variable impedance and variable high pass filters, all part of a versatile feature set neatly packaged in a 1U rack mount unit.

As Chief Technical Officer Tom Waterman explains, “Listening to feedback from Audient users has been essential. As a result, we worked closely with David Dearden to develop the PSU cooling system for absolutely silent, fan-less operation, and invested in new, improved Burr-Brown converter technology to ensure even better sound quality and each channel has insert points for enhanced flexibility or direct converter access.”
“ASP880 is the perfect front end to any DAW system” says Waterman, “We wanted to ensure ASP880 competes with the best mic pres and converters out there, and in doing so giving users the option to upgrade their existing setup by bypassing their interface’s analogue stage and A/D. The results are stunning!”
Each channel has a balanced insert with direct access to the converter so the ASP880 can be used as an 8-channel mic pre and a standalone converter. “We know how important integrating outboard gear is to our customers”, explains Waterman. “That’s why the ASP880 has eight balanced inserts – perfect for integrating your outboard EQ’s and compressors!”
Apart from analog I/O the ASP880 features also 8 channels in ADAT, AES and S/PDIF I/O, with support for 44.1 to 96kHz sampling frequencies, using the internal or external clock. Multiple ASP880 can be cascaded to create large multitrack configurations. And yet despite these upgrades the 1U rack mount unit comes in at a new, lower price. The ASP880’s front panel has also been given a face-lift. “Each channel of ASP880 is now clearly defined, facilitating visibility and functionality in a busy rack – great for touring rigs or dimly lit control rooms. On top of all that we made the construction even more bomb-proof!” reports Waterman.
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