Antelope Audio Introduces Goliath Thunderbolt/USB Audio Interface

April 18 2016, 03:10

Antelope Audio was among the studio equipment companies with more interesting introductions at Musikmesse 2016. Among the new products is the most powerful, impressive sounding, and versatile audio interface: the Goliath. This new 2U interface delivers 64 channels of simultaneous I/O, leveraging Thunderbolt, MADI, USB connectivity options and exclusive FX modeling plug-ins, custom built-in DSP effects and several modern and vintage hardware EQ and compressor models.

Antelope Audio is effectively shaking up the world of professional interfaces with its new Goliath — a towering innovation with 36 analog inputs, 32 analog outputs, 16 Class-A microphone preamplifiers and Antelope’s renowned clocking technology: all packed within a 2U rack space unit featuring Thunderbolt, MADI and USB connectivity. Goliath offers two MADI ports with a total of 128 MADI channels or 64 channels per port.

“Goliath represents a revolutionary turning-point in modern interface technology and is the culmination of years of research and engineering,” commented Igor Levin, founder and CEO of Antelope Audio. “Gone are the days of proprietary interface technologies that delivered inadequate performance and quality at an exorbitant price per channel. With Goliath, which features unmatched channel counts, flexibility and connectivity options, Antelope brings world class recording capabilities, inspiring creativity like never before.”

With 64 channels of Thunderbolt connectivity, a vast array of routing options and sophisticated software and DSP capabilities, users are able to exert more creative control over their recordings than ever before. In addition to its pristine, commercial-grade AD/DA converters, Goliath also features 4 superb instrument DIs and 2 transformer Reamp outputs on the front. The unit also features 24 line level outputs and 16 line inputs, all on DB25 connectors — making it ideal for tasks requiring hardware inputs or summing. Combined with this impressive feature set, the addition of 16 channels of Class-A microphone preamplifiers makes Goliath more flexible, capable and expressive than any other interface on the market. 

As with Antelope's other new interfaces, Goliath employs the company’s powerful FPGA-based DSP engine, enabling it to process four zero-latency mixers with custom effects. These effects include the stunning new AuraVerb reverb, along with several other modern and vintage hardware, EQ and compressor models. Antelope’s RealModel technology helps create the most accurate modeling of components, creating an authentic sound experience of classic analog gear.

To ensure clocking stability and crystal clear performance, Goliath utilizes Antelope’s proprietary Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) jitter management algorithm and oven-controlled crystal oscillator.

With intelligent, tactile controls and a intuitive software user interface, Goliath includes dedicated knobs for mic pre gain and instrument inputs, as well as large, assignable knobs for stereo, surround, or headphone monitor outputs. There are also dedicated buttons for talkback, mono and mute, as well as a flexible ‘Antelope’ button. 

Goliath’s included control software enables users to easily route any input to any output using a color-coded routing matrix, which also allows to save up to five presets. Using the system’s iOS and Android compatible applications, users can easily go wireless — making it easy to stay in command of Goliath’s robust feature set at all times.

The Goliath will be shipping around the end of May, 2016 and will carry a price of $4,995/€4,900.
Antelope Audio's display of new products at Musikmesse 2016 with the Goliath on top of the rack and the new Zen Tour Thunderbolt portable interface on the table.
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