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ALMA International Launches Video on Demand Service

April 3 2015, 04:00
ALMA International (Association of Loudspeaker Manufacturing & Acoustics) announced the launch of its Video on Demand service, which is now live.

The new service will allow loudspeaker industry participants to access some of the seminars, papers, and forums from ALMA International’s Winter Symposium. This new service will be of enormous value to those unable to attend the Winter Symposium, as well as those unable to attend every session at the event.

Current offerings are mostly from the 2015 Winter Symposium, and a few from the 2014 event. The library will grow as additional videos are processed and uploaded. ALMA will also welcome other sources of video education. The goal is to build a comprehensive video library that will form a long term resource of learning and skills enhancement for loudspeaker and electro-acoustic professionals.

Videos may include technical as well as business content.

About ALMA International
ALMA International is a not for profit association of loudspeaker and electro-acoustic professionals  who join ALMA to make connections, expand their knowledge, share experiences , and help to advance themselves and their businesses by participating in our industry and the association.

ALMA’s Mission Statement: “ALMA International is the source of standards, news, networking, and education for technical and business professionals in the acoustics and loudspeaker industry.”
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