AKG Debuts New Closed-Back K872 Reference Headphones at Prolight+Sound 2016

April 11 2016, 04:00

Just when you thought the AKG professional headphone catalogue was extensive enough, the Austrian company surprised us with the announcement of a new flagship reference model, which the company says it embodies its “70 years of expertise” and sets their “new benchmark for performance and comfort.” The new K872 master reference headphones features the largest transducer AKG has ever built.

During the 2016 Prolight+Sound show in Frankfurt, AKG introduced its closed-back K872 reference headphones, designed for audio engineers and musicians who require the utmost accuracy and detail for critical recording, mixing, mastering and live sound engineering applications. Featuring custom components including a specially engineered 53 mm transducer, ultra-light open-mesh headband, slow-retention foam ear pads and a convenient carrying case/stand, the K872 intends to combine superior sound quality with exceptional comfort and portability.

To deliver powerful and ultra-detailed sound, the K872 utilizes a 53 mm transducer, developed from the highly acclaimed K812 top of the range launched in 2013, and ensures highest in-class headroom and dynamic range. Effectively, the K872 is now AKG’s new flagship, superseding the K812 model by building on the same 1.5 Tesla magnet system, the strongest available today. The K872 features a high-sensitivity copper-covered aluminum voice coil that extends sound beyond the limits of the human auditory system, spanning a full spectrum of frequencies. According to AKG, the ultra-lightweight two-layer voice coil ensures a superior impulse response and an extended frequency range from 5 Hz to 54 kHz, while delivering the lowest distortion level in class.

With newly designed closed-back ear cups, the new K872 headphones also provide optimal isolation from external sound during critical monitoring applications. To provide exceptional personalized fit and comfort, the K872 features 3D-shaped slow-retention ear pads and a new quick-lock mechanism that maintains the right size for the wearer’s head shape. The headphones also feature all-metal cardan-type hinges to ensure maximum durability and a tight ear pad seal. The entire design works in concert to deliver unsurpassed comfort for long mixing and mastering sessions.

Every rugged component of the K872 is stress-tested and all the mechanically critical parts are made of metal. Details such as the trim ring around the ear cup serve to provide a superior seal for the speaker plate.Another important detail is the slim, durable, removable cable with precision LEMO connector.

“The AKG K872 headphones leverage innovative driver design, along with superior mechanical and acoustic technologies to deliver superb response, exceptional comfort and long-lasting reliability,” says Peter Chaikin, Recording Solutions, Harman Professional Solutions. “These remarkable headphones illustrate our continual commitment to industry-leading performance and quality.”

The K872 was designed for music production professionals seeking an accurate, transportable, highly detailed reference for critical monitoring in a range of recording, mixing and production applications. Live sound engineers will appreciate the high degree of isolation, detail and comfort that the K872 provides, which enhances their ability to focus on critical elements of the mix. Studio mixing and mastering professionals will benefit from the reference-quality audio K872 delivers in both studio and mobile production workflows. The headphones include a case that functions as both a headphone stand and a low-profile carrying bag that conveniently fits in a suitcase. 
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