A New Ribbon Microphone from Mesanovic

July 24 2014, 09:58
Mesanovic Microphones announced the Model 2, a high-quality US-made passive ribbon microphone, completely handcrafted in Detroit, MI. The microphone features a 1.8 micron thick, 2” long ribbon. A combination of custom designed resonator plates and a narrow ribbon motor gives the Model 2 an extended high frequency response, while retaining classic ribbon midrange and a rich, low end that reaches flat out to 20 Hz.

Mesanovic Microphones is a manufacturer of hand-built ribbon microphones, located just outside of Detroit. It was founded by Deni Mesanovic in 2013. Mesanovic has produced two ribbon microphones so far, the Model 1 and Model 2. All aspects of Mesanovic microphones are designed by Deni and each microphone is built using the best materials available, tested thoroughly to comply with industry leading tolerances. Deni listens to every single microphone to ensure a flawless sound before they are packaged and shipped.

The previous Mesanovic Microphone Model 1 was created because Deni was missing a ribbon microphone that could be used on all sources in his studio. After two years of research and design, the Model 1 was created. A microphone that Deni uses on drum overheads, room mics, string instruments, brass instruments and electric guitar amps, since he continues to practice as a recording engineer while constantly working on new ribbon microphone designs. The Model 2 is Deni’s latest design.

The Model 2 pushes that ribbon design to a  new level, building on the dimensions of the Model 1 and adding some significant changes. The Model 2 features a narrower ribbon motor and custom machined resonator plates, extending its high-frequency response well beyond that of most modern designs. With the addition of a custom made toroidal transformer by Samar Audio Design, the Model 2 provides low distortion, low noise with exceptional high-frequency detail. The microphones slim body enables it to be used with most third-party shockmounts and provides quick and easy set up.

According to Deni Mesanovic, “You can hear the high frequency “air” in this microphone, something not common in ribbons. The Model 2 sounds great on all sources. Its smooth, flat extended response makes it an excellent choice on vocals, guitar amps, drums, strings, brass, piano, and much more. We recommend using this mic on sources where you would usually not reach for a ribbon, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.”

The Mesanovic Model 2 ribbon microphone costs $649 (MSRP) and comes with a lifetime warranty for the original owner. It ships with a padded plastic case, isolation mount, and protective pouch.
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