911 Bluetooth Speaker from Porsche Design

July 13 2017, 03:00
The 911 Speaker is the latest project to come out from Porsche Design's workbench, promoted under the banner "Music Meets Sports Car DNA". While the clear signature of Porsche Design is undoubtedly established in multiple lifestyle products, a direct connection with the audio and music communities is still not established. Following a recent project with German group Adam-Hall - the MAUI P900 Portable PA Concept - the 911 Speaker project indicates Porsche Design's determination to extend its hallmark also to the consumer audio space.
A speaker that sound's like a Porsche 911 exhaust system?

"Stuttgart. On the racetrack, the sound of the Porsche 911 GT3 exhaust system is unmistakable. So is the tailpipe cover of the sports car, which is equally distinctive and is now more than just a functional element – it’s also a design feature. Porsche Design has taken the imposing rear aspect of the 911 GT3 and used the original tailpipe cover as the main part of its new Bluetooth 911 Speaker. The result: maximum power and sound, as impressive as the engine sound on the track. An absolute must-have for music and sports car enthusiasts."

This is the opening for the 911 Speaker press release, revealing the concept behind this original project. With the 911 Bluetooth speaker, Porsche Design Group is expanding its own product range to include another sound product. The 911 Speaker replicates the original high-gloss black tailpipe cover of the Porsche 911 GT3 - something that might be familiar to car enthusiasts... which also listen to music and might want to take that iconic shape with them everywhere.

The use of high-quality materials, such as the aluminum housing, make the 911 Bluetooth speaker an object to admire, but not so certain about the claim "the perfect balance between form and function." However, it is the performance of the 911 Speaker, which might impress potential buyers: a 60-watt system output, using Bluetooth 4.0 (?) and apt-X,  10-meter range, NFC for easy-pairing, etc. The brand also announces the possibility to link two synchronized 911 Speakers on Stereo mode (left and right channels), apart from the usual Bluetooth party mode, promising "an impressive listening experience at home".
Other specifications for the 911 Speaker include voice prompts for operation control (a gotta have these days...), a maximum sound pressure of 95 dB and 3.3 kg. The speaker also offers an analogue RCA input and is powered  by an external DC 12 V 1.5 A adapter. There's a Mini USB connector, but it's labeled for service only. There's no information on the actual drivers or amplification that we could find.

The Bluetooth speaker will be available in select Porsche Design stores and Porsche centres, as well as online at www.porsche-design.com as of mid-October 2017 for USD $550 or Euros 499.
Porsche Design is a premium-lifestyle brand founded in 1972 by Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. His mission was to build a company that takes the principles and spirit of Porsche beyond the automotive world, promoting refined functional design and technological innovation. Products are designed by the Studio F. A. Porsche in Austria and production is outsourced.
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