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Member Profile: Pierre Touzelet

June 20 2013, 13:01

Location: Vélizy-Villacoublay, a neighborhood in Paris, France

Education: Aerothermal Mechanical Engineering

Occupation: Pierre worked as a technical director in an engineering company that designs and sets up large vibration systems and acoustic rooms for environmental tests. He retired in 2008.

Member Status: He first subscribed to Glass Audio in 1998 and then subscribed to audioXpress. He is a contributor to audioXpress.

Audio Interests: Pierre likes to concentrate on audio problems that he feels are not satisfactorily explained from a scientific viewpoint.

Current Audio Projects: Pierre is pursuing two areas of research. The first one studies the use of negative feedback on amplifiers and its influence on their sound. The second project focuses on audio transformer behavior and its audio specifications.

Dream System: Pierre said the solutions currently proposed by the audio industry fall short of his concept for a dream system. Until improvements are made, he said he is content to listen “with great pleasure” to his 42-year-old system, which comprises an ESART IS200 tuner-amplifer (with 40 W per channel), a vintage Thorens TD160 LP player equipped with an ADC XLM MKII cartridge, and two KEF 104 Reference Series loudspeakers.

Pierre said the system is perfect for classical music lovers. He added that he never listens to CDs because of their “cold sound and their questionable recording techniques.” Pierre only listens to 33-1/3 vinyl LPs recorded using an artificial head equipped with two microphones because he finds it is still the closest to hi-fi stereo reproduction.

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